Alberto Del Rio stood up to Vince

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  1. The recent news of a certain wrestler standing up to Vince and complaining about how bad the writing is for talent right now has been revealed and it was Alberto Del Rio. OMG I didnt see this coming I thought it be CM Punk. I have seen this news posted on another forum and it is true. My respect for Alberto Del Rio has gone up now he clearly cares about the use of talent and has spoke out #thankyoualberto
  2. ADR has some cheek complaining to Vince given the fact he's been pushed despite nobody caring about him.
  3. Awesome if he did. Any legit source?
  4. Maybe they would if he hadnt been constantly buried by Shay Shay and lost pretty much every feud he's been in
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  5. I agree but knowing him, he probs only did it as he was made to job to Sheamus.
  6. I doubt it was one, but many top stars.
  7. Source?

    Anyway, if it's true, good. He didn't really have to do that since he was pushed for a long time despite not being over at all, my respect for ADR has raised in this situation.
  8. ADR buries Miz, Vince and anyone stepping in his path. Such a boss :adr:

    Wish he wasn't booked like complete shit
  9. Would love a source, but it's not surprising. It's not his first time either, he did it months ago, apparently he doesn't need the money and is retiring soon so he doesn't give a shit. Good for him though, no wonder Vince likes him.
  10. ADR supposedly has been very politically savvy from the day he came to WWE, so I'm not surprised he wouldn't be afraid to complain to Vince. I hope those rumors of him retiring soon are true, though.
  11. What backward thinking lmao. WWE has a great talent and are wasting him, so instead of hoping they fix his awful character and booking you just want him to retire?
  12. Fucking love ADR. He actually made me enjoy a storyline with Sheamus involved for a limited period.
  13. He is right. He has potential but WWE makes him do stomps, running stomps, jumping stomps, jumping running stomps. ADR is better than this.
  14. Yes. He has always been a very average and generic personality to me, and he's not completely bad in the ring, but also not good enough to get me to care about him otherwise. Similar to The Miz, there is just something about him that causes me an ennui sense of boredom. WWE's attempts at pushing him (or however you want to word that) have also failed to make him a superstar like Vince apparently has always wanted him to be and that will likely continue to be the case, so if he could just fuck off, I wouldn't mind.
  15. ADR is one of the most talented wrestlers in WWE though (from an in ring perspective).
  16. He complained because all his feuds have been boring and I'd blame writing for that as well.
  17. Is that the rumor? I thought it was. It must have happened after the show.
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