News Alberto Del Rio suspended

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  1. Paige confirmed banned substance?
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    WWE has suspended Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) for 30 days effective tomorrow, Thursday, Aug. 18, for his first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy

  3. Roids? He's looked way more cut since coming back
  4. :adr: Ese' she worth it.
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  5. So sad. So so sad. It's pretty much guaranteed he's gonna be gone by the end of this year now. Dammit.
  6. You never put your dick in crazy
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  7. I hope Del Rio was doing blow, banging Paige, and not giving a fuck about WWE :adr::adr::adr:
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  9. Bruh Del Rio is the most chill guy in the locker room. What an utter lad.
  10. Who wants to bet that Bertie is gone again by October?

    Who wants to bet that Paige follows?
  11. See you soon in LUG, El Patrón.
  12. Meh.

    Bryan NO!.gif
  13. Alberto >>> WWE
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  14. I love the guy and he's honestly one of my favorite wrestlers. I wanted to see him come back and be a force in WWE.

    But, with how he's been (ab)used by them, I hope to see him back in AAA and LUG after the no-compete expires.

  15. I don't see him going back to AAA. Unless he wants to work for free. He left them because they stopped paying him
  16. I did not know that.

    Alberto El Patron, TNA World Heavyweight Champion, then?

  17. Fixed that for ya. :adr:
  18. He left LU on the same premises. They did not pay him what he wanted and he took his ball and went home.

    TNA is much more likely this time around
  19. Del Rio in LU was cool.
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