Alberto Del Rio

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. He's like Marmite, he's either loved or hated in the IWC. So a simple question - do you like or hate Alberto Del Rio. Post why.

    -Exceptional in the ring
    -Has "the look"

    -Can't get over
    -One dimensional (atm) on the mic
  2. I like him as a performer but dislike him in this current gimmick. He needs something fresh. Also his theme is incredible.
  3. I like the 'fancy' gimmick..
    Typical European rich guy behaviour..
    I love it atm. When I started watching wrestling again, he was like a new guy in WWE, and a few weeks later, he was champ! Then I watched some vids with him in it, and I was like woow, this is too farmiliar with those guys here.
    He sells it great!
  4. He does have "the look" and even an interesting gimmick (on paper) but he's just boring on the mic, for the most part. He's ok in the ring.
  5. Also, I love the way he swears in Spanish in the ring..

    No PG or anything, just doing it in Spanish, and it's ok.

  6. I don't think his mic skills are too bad, it's just his content that bothers me.
  7. I like him a lot in the ring just hate how WWE tried forcing him down my throat as a top heel. I despise him on the mic he needs to know how to cut a promo without saying anything. He can learn from Jeri :troll:
  8. I do miss del rio as he is a very good wrestler and i agree he does have the look but his gimmick and mic skills or lack of mic skills does no favors for him.Thats why his title reigns were short.Hopefully with a gimmick change he can be a success.Maybe he could be used in the midcard for the time being he could do wonders for that division.
  9. I love him, and in my personal opinion I think most of the reasons people cite for hating him can all be directly attributed to his booking and nothing that is really his fault

    And while he doesn't draw amazing heat, I think it's been a bit blown out of proportion by the IWC how he never gets a reaction.
  10. I agree that booking and content has pretty much destroyed his character. But I'm not sure if we have blown it out of proportion. Watch Summerslam, as soon as ADR cashed in the crowd goes silent. As soon as ADR won MITB and his 2nd WWE title the crowd was silent.

    Fair enough he's been getting a few more boo's recently. It's weird how it's when he's not relevant to any feud he gets heat. Oh wait - no it's not; it's because once a character has been developed and around for a while the crowd takes them seriously. Sorry, I turned my post into a mini-rant to Vince about pushing superstars into the main-event immediately.
  11. So true I just hate him being pushed so massively. You got to admit though he gets a pretty weak reaction during his promos. Or else great reaction when his song hits.
  12. Vince has had a boner for Dos Caros for years. He chased him around Mexico for a lonnnnng time and paid him a dick load of money to bring him to WWE. He sees a ton of star quality in him (as I think a lot of us do) so it's understandable why he pushed the guy to the moon as soon as he brought him in. Preferable? Not really, but understandable.
  13. I don't hate him, I simply dislike him. He's boring, dull and one-dimensional character. He's a good in-ring guy, though.
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  14. It's understandable because it's Vince but it doesn't make it right. When Sheamus was pushed as soon as he was on RAW into the main-event no one cared. Same for Drew McIntyre. It just can't happen. Why is Miz so over? Because he's been in practically every division for a good amount of time. Now he gets more boo's than most heels when he's being squashed by Big Slow.

    Dolph Ziggler now gets reactions even with Vickie (who actually does the opposite of helping with Dolph) because he's been through the mid-card. Why won't Vince learn?
  15. I like him but that put WWE Belt him WAY TO FUCKIN QUICKLY! He should have won IC or USA Champion 1st and book as a soild mid card then when he over with the crowd or really crowd to take him serius a Hearvywight Champion push to the World or WWE Champion! I don't like putting the WWE Champion on that early b/c know everyone want him to the guy and he just not there so now there putsurt on then ever before and with getting injury it just make it wrost for him.
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  16. Agreed, nice post :brodus:
  17. That would have been real good @Randy Savage.
  18. what video it been removed?
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