Alberto Del Rio's new theme

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by CM Punk, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Not a clear version, but thoughts?
  2. His first was gusta this is a bit meh.
  3. It's an edit...

    There are drums on the background now...:meh:

    First one was better..
  4. Don't like it, even less than I did last night.
  5. Horribly generic.
  6. It's almost the same song...
  7. I like both of them. The only difference is this one comes off with a pop vibe with the upbeat drums in the background.
  8. I personally find this more of a face theme, which he is.
  9. Shit. Same thing, even more stereotypical and meant to be enjoyed by little kids/teens. Poppy bullshit.
  10. Better. It's needed drums from the beginning.
  11. :idkwtf:
  12. I like both theme's, this suits a Face more though.
  13. As already said, it has a lot more of a face feel to it, so I guess it fits into his character now. I personally like both themes though.
  14. Completly awful. At least if ur adding drums make it sound Mexican ffs.
  15. This.

    The drums sound fucking horrible, way too high in the mix and hardly goes well with the "mexican music" (if that's even what it is :dawg: )
  16. It's alright and better for his face persona
  17. I didn't even notice his theme had changed.
  18. Worst than his last one. The drums just make it sound messed up. Not a good theme...
  19. Bad change, needs better drums. This is just a sad generic beat that was just thrown in.
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