Lucha Alberto El Patron On Why He Chose Lucha Underground Over TNA; Difficulties In WWE; MMA

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Awesome fella.
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  2. Sounds like a really nice guy. Hopefully he can find the time to take up TNA's offer in the future (especially on PPV). Sounds like he's finding the passion he was beginning to lose again, and is having fun wrestling - plus, he's making the big bucks.
  3. attitude era return confirmed.
  4. Seems like a down to earth interview. Never disliked the guy behind the character either. Good read, would be interesting to see him in TNA sometime if he ever decides to go.
  5. I just watched his match with Daniels from ROH, it was great, the first ROH match I've seen in a year.
  6. Wonder if @Dolph'sZiggler has read this yet. It pretty much sums up what he's telling us about ADR for some time now
  7. ADR seems like a genuinely cool ass dude. Glad he is happy and making good money without the WWE's BS.
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