Impact Alberto El Patron's Indefinite Suspension

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Psycho Rangers, Jul 12, 2017.

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  1. So as of right now, Alberto El Patron is facing an indefinite suspension pending the investigation of the abuse between him and Paige. This is certainly an ugly situation all around. What's going to happen to either of them? What's going to happen to Impact Wrestling/GFW?

    Your opinions (respectfully) below!
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  2. I'd just read that they haven't decided to strip him of the belt yet. I think that's a poor decision. Yes, in a legal setting, he is innocent until proven guilty. However, GFW is in no way obligated to abide by that. Regardless of what really did happen, this is a major situation which COULD conceivably cause problems for a company that is doing their best to overcome a mountain of past baggage.

    The smartest thing Jeff Jarrett could do is to take the belt of Alberto and immediately move towards setting up someone else to be champion. Moving forward, let the legal situation solve itself in a legal setting. However, I would think with Alberto having a bit of baggage about his working relationship with other promotions AND this situation, it would be in their best interests to not have anything to do with him moving forward.
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  3. GFW can't afford to be latched on to Del Rio's bullshit and need to start distancing themselves. Strip him of the belt and write him off TV until the investigation is over.
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  4. I think GFW needs to strip Del Rio of the title and create some distance...

    This is not a good look for the company and its clear that from his recent
    behavior at GFW events/tapings that Del Rio is slowly coming unglued and
    rumors also indicate he may have a coke problem...and I'm not talking about
    the soda.
  5. A) If its true, he's a pig and should be charged so that he spends a while behind bars and his career goes (even deeper) in the shitter.

    B) I agree with the consensus here that GFW needs to kick him to the curb and move on, who do they have as main event babyface though? maybe use Storm as a transitional champion, heck I wouldn't mind Low Ki coming out of nowhere and taking the title. Low Ki can have all the titles as far as I care XD. Alberto has too much baggage and GFW should be trying to offload, not take on more baggage.
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  6. He does coke and abuses women. Who would want to work with someone like that?
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  7. Considering they have already finished the tapings for the next few weeks/months (not sure how long, as I do my best to avoid spoilers), I would imagine their hands are pretty much tied for now unless Anthem wants to put the money into redoing the tapings. As for El Patron and Paige...I don't really care, it's their personal life and there's obviously nothing I can do to improve their situation. We as fans can really do nothing but hope the best for them
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  8. Jeff Jarrett is carny trash. He'll keep him around and somehow work this into a shitty "WORKED SHOOT" angle. Garbage.
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  9. Why did they give the belt to Dorito to begin with?
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  10. Spot on.
  11. The two dislikes on my post amuse me. You may dislike the truth, but it is still the truth. I haven't said anything untrue. History has proven me right about JJ. Ask the Hardy Boyz and Gregory Helms about Double J. Ask Vince McMahon. Ask yo momma and yo poppa. Ok don't ask them.

    Ask Reby Hardy.

    And have any of you ever seen the Double J years of of Impact? 03-07 or so? During JJ's years ANY WWE talent that came in would have to cut the whole "shoot promo" bullshit about how WWE is evil and mistreated them blah blah blah.

    Straight. Up. Carney. Garbage.

    Why haven't they fired Albert Of The River? Because they want to use his personal issues for profit. Classy.
  12. Let em do it. Whatever's good for ratings. WWE has missed so many golden opportunities with real life situations wrestlers get in that would make insane storylines.

    Bray and JoJo fuckin
    Paige being a slut
    Bo dallas getting drunk and arrested
    Roman reigns drug suspension
    Lesnar steroids
    The list goes on...
  13. GFW needs to distance themselves from this pitstain as much as possible. But their taping schedule fucks that up right and proper.
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    I never liked Alfarto... WWE Can do without him.
  15. People disliking your post doesn't make it any less true, that is correct. Likewise, you reiterating it does not make it anymore true. You're entitled to your opinion, just as we are, but both yours and ours are nothing more than that. Neither are truth.

    And yeah, I watched every single episode of Impact during his years running it. I, in fact, own every single episode of Impact from those years. I purchased them all on iTunes because I'm a big fan of the show. And yeah, A FEW wrestlers from WWE cut those promos but it was hardly every single one of them. Not even close to every single one of them. (and btw the Jarrett years, as you referred to them were 2002 to 2010).
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