Alex Riley replaces Matt Striker

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Not even sure how to react.
  2. On commentary? Meh why not? Have him be an annoying fuck heel on Smackdown before cheapshotting a face, like Punk did when he was injured.
  3. Uh, OK? Weird decision if you ask me, but who knows what may happen.
  4. Riley finally gets a push guiz :yay:
  5. God dammit. There was literally no point in firing Striker in the first place, and Riley on mic instead of in the ring is dumb as well.
  6. At least his job somewhat safe.
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  7. What the fuck?

    I mean, okay, I guess they couldn't think of anything to do with him in the ring....this is a bit of a weird choice, but, I guess I will have to see how good he is.
  8. Wow. Superstars.

    He's moving up in the world.
  9. Least he's getting some TV time I suppose.
  10. Well it's more of a I don't give a fuck reaction honestly. He gets no screen time on main shows, and he doesn't wrestle. He gets announcing time at a announcer table on most likely their least view show, which is a lower quality HeAT or Velocity. I can say, "Oh yeah he moved up a bit." The fact of the matter is though that he didn't move up, he moved maybe half an inch, but it still doesn't do anything. He needs a push, not a little tiptoe step, and defiantly not one to the announcing table.
  11. Just when you think theres not bigger jobber than Ryder
  12. I love Riley. He's been a main eventer at Superstars in a while, and seeing him on commentary is a step forward, to be honest.
  13. Is that what we're calling it?
  14. Still a better push story then Kane/Ryder
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