Alex Riley soon to be released?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Really? Ugh, that sucks. Fuck you John Cena. Riley has so much potential.
  2. A lot of people seem to dig this guy still don't know what is appealing about him other then his theme music.
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  3. That report seems like some random dude wrote it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did get released.
  4. Wouldn't mind seeing him in TNA tbh
  5. Wow, can't say I didn't see it coming with how much they've buried him but if it happens, what a shocking decision. Riley could have been a top face in years to come if used correctly, he is great on the mic, has "The look" and has improved so much in the ring. FU WWE, hopefully he signs with someone else if he is released as he has the potential to be great.
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  6. Yeah, it kind of does. lol
    "role with the punches"
  7. " Riley... complained to management."

    What a pussy ass bitch. I'd release him for being a pansy as well. :gtfo:
  8. Ya I doubt this is legit, if Cena had a problem with him why would they wait to fire him? Ari is just a victim of the lack of a midcard sadly.
  9. If this is legit, and he is the type of guy to complain, its no wonder he went no where in the company.
  10. I seriously doubt someone close to WWE Management wrote this.
  11. I wonder if "complain" means giving them some of his input. I don't really trust this, but at the same time it wouldn't surprise me if he is gone. It's sad, they built him up so well with Miz, and they could have had a much better feud. Alex had a great look, he was clean(meaning no over use of tattoos and groomed), looked athletic, was pretty good in ring, and could have worked better on the mic, but I caught him decent. They have completely wasted him, at least he can be an Intercontinental champion, but instead they decide to toss him aside and use him as a jobber or just leave him for nothing. And fuck all the ones who were ribbing him, when CM Punk came into the business Hulk Hogan ignored him, which made Punk feel kind of down until Stone Cold came by and gave him some encouragement and a good laugh. It sucks when higher up devalues you, and I applaud him for standing up.

    Of course the report could be fake, but the fact still stands. WWE is wasting someone who could be a great draw, and it's stupid on their part.
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  12. Hardly surprised. Don't see why you can't just re-push the guy though, it's not like he's Yoshi Tatsu, they just ripped him off TV and didn't bring him back except to take KO punches now and then.

    Don't buy the whole "if he's the type to complain" argument since John Cena complained about him. If nothing else Cena probably saw someone who could challenge for his spot and cried to Daddy Vince to make sure it doesn't happen.

    With Cena injured now and WWE sure to push Sheamus, Orton, and ADR to the title scene, Vince should be crying, begging, kissing Riley's feet... and if that happens A-Ri should laugh in his face and say "see you soon, brother" and walk out the door. Would mark.
  13. The annoying part is just that, Alex Riley is talented. Very talented. He has a fantastic look, he is built like a superstar, he is one of the better talkers in the company, he's over without even doing anything. He was over 6 months after turning on Miz when competing on Superstars. The guy is simply a star, and would help the mid card, and would eventually help the main event scene. Stupid decision if WWE release him.
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  14. Exactly. Think most of us (except Dolph's, obviously) all voted that A-Ri's their best shot at their next big babyface star, he's got crazy charisma.
    Can't help but think you're going to enjoy watching this company flounder because of an easily preventable mistake.

  15. If he gets released, wonder what company he would go to. The logical choice is of course TNA but if ROH could scrounge up the money for him could anyone see him as working in ROH (God knows they need some new top talent and he has all the chops). Or possibly Japan? Davey Boy Smith Jr and Lance Archer, two former WWE guys going nowhere in the E who are now tearing it up in Japan.
  16. Ari would need to improve so much to go to a major Puro company DBS and Archer were good workers. TNA don't have room for him either.
  17. I don't care if he gets released, WWE didn't even want him in NXT, he doesn't appear too much in any show, I'd like him to go and leave WWE
  18. And you really diss Meltzer for his reports... this is basically "there's a chance, but it might not" just like a lot of Meltzer's are. Hypocrite much? We need a :rollseyes: smiley.
  19. something like this? [​IMG]
  20. he may not be the best wrestler but i liked riley alot most memorable moment you can prob guess
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