News Alex Riley upset with WWE after the Rumble

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 29, 2015.

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  1. Since the Rumble one superstar has been venting his frustration with the WWE.. Alex Riley was allegedly supposed to make a return to in-ring performance in the main event Rumble Match.. WWE changed their mind about some of the competitors and decided to pull him from the event.. this wasn't the only thing he was pulled from that night, they also did not feature Riley at all on the pre-show.


    Read some of his angry tweets and about the story below!:
  2. You know what they say.....

    When life gives you lemons.... quit
    When there's no silver lining .... quit
    When the going gets tough... quit

    Heyman guys do it. Facing adversity isn't worth it... quit.
  3. Can't say I would've wanted to see him in, but it would've been fine either way.
  4. LOL.

    Alex Riley WWE-WHC run confirmed! He gunna slay Tha Beast - Bork Laser at WM 31!!
  5. Riley was actually pretty hot when he face turned to feud with Miz.

    His push seemed to get halted when he botched taking a gut wrench from Swagger
  6. Honestly, the guy's good. Now that Corey Graves is retired and is doing pretty much the same job as Riley's been doing, they can bring Riley back to in-ring competition.

    I was reading some WWE live event results not too while ago and it said Luke Harper vs Alex Riley was a fresh, electric match. I don't have a hard time believing that.

    But yeah, pulling Riley along with Sheamus and a couple of others from the Rumble was a wrong decision.
  7. I don't see much use for him. I think he is good enough to come back, Miz is shortly getting out of Mizdow, wouldn't that free him up? Reunite them, fuck it. Miz is good enough to be a champion and Riley is...well, a midcarder, but a decent one.
  8. WWE giving Ryder a handy to renew his contract before burying him for good?
  9. Goodbye sweet prince lol. Good riddance....
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