Alex Riley

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Crayo, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. I know this section is being used for Wrestlemania hype, but it still is the home of NXT discussion. He lost to Titus O'Neil this week. Why are WWE so hesitant to put this guy on SmackDown for example?

    Yes, I know he's bad in the ring, but he's better than Mahal, Khali, Mason Ryan etc, and his mic skills are probably in the top 5 of WWE (inb4 I get flamed, he's very good). He has the look, I saw him as a Miz who looks like a tough guy.

    When Miz put him over last year, did you see how over Riley was? He was drafted to SmackDown, appeared in the opening segment the first SD after the draft and hasn't been seen since. On SmackDown there's no pressure of messing up since it's taped, why not have him develop himself there into a couple feuds. Turn him heel and have him turn on someone like Santino, a guy who's incredibly over but won't be holding a title anytime soon.

    Then when Rhodes loses the IC title to go into the main-event, have Riley feud with the new face. Ugh!!
  2. He should be pushed to the moon tbh he's got everything they look for, if rumours are true about Zack Ryder feuding with Eve and a wrestler i'd love to see Riley in that role. He's too good a heel to be left in the dumps.
  3. He is better than the current 'talent' they have on SmackDown. I liked him a lot. Good theme music and charismatic. He was okay in the ring and that's something you could improve on. Since we're on the topic of NXT, why isn't Titus O'Neil on SD or RAW? He's good in the ring in my perspective and the fans love him.
  4. Definitely. I'm a guy who despises superstars being put into the main-event immediately but I really did want him to stay in the ME. He attacked The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin remember, even if he was used as bait.

    I've seen plenty of his FCW work, he's not as bad as people say in the ring, he's just made some headline botches in WWE. A feud with Ryder would be great, Ryder made the US championship relevant during his reign because of how over he was with the casuals and smarks, a feud with heel Riley would do both their careers wanders. Make it personal and have it last for quite a while.

    I just feel Riley isn't playing politics well.

    There are "legitimate sources" in the article, and the first comment sums up my response perfectly. Imo he just needs more training in the ring, the guy's got potential in that area, but where will he go to train? NXT and FCW ain't doing anything for ya. Neither is jobbing to Titus O'Neil and Michael McGillicutty in the span of 2 days.
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