Alex Riley.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. This guy could of been (and in my opinion: Still will be) huge. He has excellent mic skills, he definitely has "The look". He just lacks that ability in the ring, which luckily is something that can be learned. I prefer him as a heel, but he's still a good face.

    One of the segments which I loved. Miz done exceptional in this feud and completely put Riley over (Which lead to Miz main eventing, and Riley getting great face reactions for a mid carder). His theme is epic too, he has it all. When are we going to see this guy actively on RAW? I don't follow Superstars much so I don't know how he's progressing in the ring, I know he WAS a liability to other superstars a while back. But I did hear from one person that he's had some good matches recently on superstars.

    Also, Cole's mic skills especially in that segment were incredible.
  2. He's currently in the WWE doghouse.
  3. Still? I heard he's actually winning on superstars.
  4. Must have just gotten out, last I heard he was.
  5. The biggest problem with Riley for me is he seems very nervous on the big stage. I can't recall any serious botches in FCW but he seems to have made a few big ones since being called up. Hopefully it's like the Miz and his early career were he grows with each passing year.
  6. Yeah, luckily all of it can be taught. If he was lacking the mic skills he'd be out of here, but he is pretty exceptional on that mic. If he works as hard and develops anywhere near the amount Miz did, he's going to be a star. His major botches were the NXT one, the Royal Rumble and Jack Swagger's finisher if I remember correctly. All weren't noticeable to the audience but yeah, needs work.
  7. I liked him. I was watching him on NXT when he was on there and I was saying that he had good potential. Then on RAW with the Miz was good too. Then after the Miz and A-Ry break up it all died off. He has a good range of mic skills and could make a great impact.
  8. Definitely. He was really over as a face, I just so wish his wrestling ability was better :@.
  9. Yeah, he still has time to improve. Maybe he should move to Smackdown. Get some experience on the 'sub show' and on Superstars. Then come back to RAW?
  10. Who would he feud with on SmackDown? IC title seems above the mid card on there, with Cody & Booker going at it. I'd love for him to go against Rhodes though.
  11. He would make a good competitor for Cody. I do not know really. You could always have him feud with Christian or Hunico.