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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 24, 2015.

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  1. So what's the deal with Alex Riley?? I mean a few weeks ago he wrestled a live event and then lately he's been scheduled to appear on the RAW pre-show yet he's not there and David Otunga is filling in for him.. I know not many people care for Alex Riley but he was at a time one of my personal lower midcard favorites.

    Speculation has begun after his 2nd missed RAW pre-show, a lot of people believe he is going to make a return to the ring on a regular basis.. Perhaps they just want Otunga on the pre-show now.. idk I'm curious to find out what they plan on doing with the guy. What do you all think?


  3. I think this is all a work and they're preparing him for his in-ring return. I mean, he's been in this feud with KO down in NXT, so seeing him on the main roster wouldn't be a surprise.
  4. Hope they use him good. Sucked that they didn't use him after his pretty good feud with the Miz. Would have been a good face midcarder after that.
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  5. I doubt they'll use him right, they're probably just looking for a fresh jobber to feed to these guys.
  6. He has a bit of charisma, but can't wrestle for shit.
  7. The first part is definitely true.. and in the past I can mostly agree with the bold/underlined part of the statement, except for his feud with Miz that was decent wrasslin' I suppose.. Apparently he's been training on the side of his announcer work mainly down near NXT's territory so who knows he could potentially come back with a lot to show as far as his in ring work.
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