Alex Riley

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. Alex Riley's hair reminds me of the Hulks hair.


    Only being on top of his head and all.

    That being said, I think he has a lot of talent and charisma and I would like to see him get a push.. just needs a new hair cut XD
  2. Push this guy to the mooooooooooooooon
  3. Agreed.
  4. Add a caption to that picture: "Hasn't been on Raw in a year... still more over than almost every babyface on the show"
  5. riley smash
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  6. :dawg:
  7. Think that's a little unfair. He had a couple of quality matches with Brodus and Tensai recently.
  8. Riley indeed deserves a push, he can work the mic, has charisma, it factor and is decent in the ring.
  9. I don't understand the Riley asslicking on this site.
  10. He's like an upgraded version of the Miz IMO, similar on the mic with more athleticism and a more marketable look. I love Miz so obviously I'll love Ari also, can't speak for others however.
  11. Ugh. I hate when they call him A-RY though XD
  12. Riley has star power an a ton of charisma, and the moment they created when they turned him was huge for him. He gets legit pops despite being on Superstars this week, and it only speaks for how retarded WWE is that they don't try to capitalize on that, like him or not.

    I'm not as big of a Riley mark as I was, but of the current crop of babyfaces that get used, I'd still rather see Riley over all of them except Christian and Ryback, maybe Rey.
  13. [​IMG]

    this made me mark
  14. It's too big for a sig imo but couldn't not be used, too amazing. :ryan:
    Feel free to steal it.
  15. Really off topic but you can resize it by using this

     [img=widthxheight] [/img] 
  16. Thanks, Seabs!

    On-topic, Riley to WWE is like what people are saying Kenny King was to ROH. Should have a much bigger push based on star power alone, and you can't help but laugh if he leaves because his company fails to see that.
  17. I agree with the upgraded Miz quote from Seabs. Though Miz imo is still better on the mic, Riley is definitely up there and has a much better look.
  18. We also haven't had as many chances to hear Riley on the mic as The Miz. I mean, I like Miz better too but just saying XD
  19. Riley's jock gimmick from FCW was king.
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