Alex Riley's prized possessions.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 13, 2012.

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    So WWE, when you gonna push this guy?
  2. Why not? Riley has an amazing look, is incredible on the mic, has charisma and is improving in the ring.
  3. Damn, he has a lot of jerseys. So jelly of those jerseys.
  4. i want those jerseys
  5. ok but demfliy not a guy that should be push he just does have it! That why on NXT again!
  6. You have given no reason. You agreed with me when I said he has the look, mic skills and is improving in the ring. What else is there left to have? None of us know why he's on NXT.
  7. It shows him as WWE RAW brand Superstar but he's on NXT. I hope they're not planning to get rid of him.
  8. I doubt they will be, don't worry. I'm hopping his time will come after Wrestlemania.
  9. He should have his own Money In The Bank case eventually.
  10. He's awful, really. He can't even execute selling the gutwrench powerbomb.
  11. Crayo, you have the hots for A-Ri don't you?
  12. i think he does. Always admires him. :kiss:
  13. He's after his A-Bomb.
  14. Yes - he'll carry this company if given the chance.

    Damn straight. Nice sig :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. I rather see Alberto's prize possessions.
  16. Just a mistake though - everyone's favourite wrestlers have made mistakes.
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    This is kind of the same thing.
  18. ADR's was kayfabe though which bugged me.
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