Alex Shelley in the land of the rising sun.

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I've always had a great deal of interest in Alex from his TNA days, as we all know he's an incredible athlete who can work well on the ground and really up the tempo of any match, his work with Sabin in the Guns was exceptional to see however what put him above Sabin was the way he carried himself, he's at his best with a cocky persona and like his ex Generation Next colleague Austin Aries he portrays that well into his work, it just seems very natural. Anyway since the Guns split ( :upset: still ) and Alex parted ways with TNA he's gone back to New Japan and is currently one half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight champions with Yujirio (? never get that right) Kushida as the Timesplitters (PS2 reference ftw).

    Any I'm blabbering on so what does every else think of Alex's work, do you see as I do a lot of potential for him as singles guy or will he always be a tag team performer to you.

    Some of his Japanese work since returning


    Timesplitters vs Forever Hooligans

    and again


    Tried finding these two against Tiger Mask IV and Liger but with no luck so far.
  2. Yeah, his and Kushida's work in NJPW is rock solid. Both have similiar moveset, style and looks, my 4th favorite tag team in the world behin Bad Influence, Aries & Roode and the Young Bucks.
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  3. Shelley is a beast. He could be a pretty big mid card heel if given a chance to play the arrogant asshole we all know that he can play. Add to that that he is great in almost any tag constellation and he becomes one damn fine wrestler.
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