Alex Shelley joining WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WorldsGreatest-AceYoung, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Though this is simply rumored, a contract deal was said to be made, but due to his trip to Japan Wrestling, it might be a while before he shows up immediately (as requested by Alex Shelley) or being sent to NXT wrestling. I personally hope he is sent straight to the WWE, he could possibly make a GREAT US or IC Champ, tell me what you guys think. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know!
  2. Hey Brother, Welcome to the forum. Good first post, this has been widely speculated for a while now, but no real outcome as of yet. If he does sign it will be after the whole WWE/TNA Lawsuit I'm not sure.

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  3. I havent seen him wrestling yet, ill have to check out some youtube videos. if he did join hopefully he will be a good addition

  4. Thank you man, & I heard it was done, I'll have to check in with that, but you are correct, only time can tell when/IF he'll sign with WWE, but he's such a great talent that would highly benefit them, cause he has great in ring skills along with mic skills. Also he should be able to join soon, I mean Christain was(not sure if it already occured) going to be at the TNA hall of fame ceremony, & Ric Flair was at the 2012 Hall of Fame class along with the Four Horseman, so the lawsuit must've been dropped.
  5. The lawsuit is still on and WWE is reportedly staying clear of all TNA talent, that's why they didn't sign Morgan after the no compete clause on his contract expired, same with Ric Flair.
  6. Deffinately check him out, I'm no TNA fan but I have checked out the likes of A.J. Styles, & Austin Aries (along w/ Shelley) all young and great talent, personally if he does join, he will be a great addition
  7. It is honestly too bad TNA let him go since they could use him in the X division now with TNA being on such a roll with the quality of their product.
  8. I hope they do sign him, I have a feeling they might eventually. During this lawsuit though I wouldn't expect anything ground-breaking at all.
  9. Oh okay, I see, we can only hope that it clears up soon, because the WWE would highly benefit from these talents. Not bringing down TNA in anyway, but the WWE has such a huge fan base, so it will make them known even more.


    Agreed. But one's loss may be anothers gain. (If) He does sign with WWE.


    As do I, once it all blows over, & everything is said and done, he will most likely make his appearance in the WWE, atleast we can only hope.
  10. He's a talented wrestler, it'd be nice to see him in WWE. Not sure if they'd use him correctly but I'd like to see him wrestle there.
  11. This
  12. I don't know if he has a no compete contract, and if he does when it ends, but whilst the WWE/TNA lawsuit is happening, he won't be signing.
  13. Me too, hopefully they use him perfectly, he's such a great talent


    :pity: yu got that right, I completetly agree
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