Alex Smith Traded to the Chefs

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. We need real football talk in here.

    QB Alex Smith was traded to the Chiefs for the 2nd pick in the 2nd round, and another pick in another year, who knows what.

    So, the 49ers have 15 picks this year on top of a Super Bowl winning roster. Will they make a big trade for someone like Harvin or Revis? When will the first QB be drafted now that KC isn't gonna reach for some bum like Geno? Will Alex Smith succeed in KC?

  2. As far as Smith goes, I think he'll be exposed for what he is, a mediocre QB. People talk about the season he had in 2011-12. He had a great O line and arguably the best D in the league giving him plenty of chances. The grass isn't so green in KC. IMO he won't last the entire season as #1.

    As for San Fran, what they have are options, which is great for them. Keep the picks and build for future while bring competitive now? Or trade the future for a powerhouse dynasty? A choice any team would love to have.
  3. Totally agree. Smith had an All-Star OL, getting Joeckel will help but idk how bad the line is over in KC. With Bowe not coming back that receiving corps is horrible but Smith didn't throw to WR's anyway, Moeaki's pretty underrated and he'll throw to Charles alot. So guess he actually fits pretty well in a personnel way.
  4. Amazing deal for SF, and hilarious deal for KC as a Raiders fan. Smith will look no better than Cassel for that shit team.
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  5. It's been so hard loving the Raiders recently :sad:
  6. Shit definitely ain't easy :damnn:
  7. Haven't recovered yet from drafting stupid JaMarcus Russell :facepalm:
  8. They recovered from that and nearly won the division year before last, but what happened in the aftermath of Al Davis' death is what haunts us at this point.

    >Jason Campbell gets hurt in first game after Al dies
    >Hue becomes psuedo GM, trades 1/2 for Palmer & 4/6 for Curry. Curry is now cut, Palmer should be.
    >Hue gets fired by new regime
    >New regime sucks, and is in terrible situation.

    Basically if Campbell stays healthy in 2011 we win the division and Hue isn't fired by the new regime and we aren't nearly as fucked by a lack of picks/contract room caused by those two bad trades. Instead of what we dealt with last year we get more continuation of what Hue had done with the offense (had it in the top 10) with more picks/cap devoted to helping the defense. Greg Knapp never would have been our OC and 2012 wouldn't have had to of been such an ugly year.

    but alas, Al did die, and Campbell did get hurt.. and here we are.
  9. Campbell's a free agent, right?

    Time to see if the new regime is man enough to say "oops, we fucked up" and bring him back. Dude was solid in Oakland.
  10. That ship has sailed. He was good in Hue's offense, but he really is just an above average QB. I'm not sure if he is a FA or not.. I thought he signed a multiyear deal in chicago.
  11. Yeah he got 1 year 4 mil in Chicago, and we all saw how terrible he was up there.

    Sadly there isn't a real remedy then. Other than Campbell the best FA quarterback available is Matt Moore (unless Baltimore fucks up). Guess it's better to go with Carson to get another top-5 pick to get an actual good QB instead of the crap in this year's class, or do the tried and true "lol lets start Brady Quinn" and make sure you get the top pick. Wouldn't Manziel look great in the silver and black?
  12. I like Pryor, honestly. I hope we cut Palmer and give TP 2013 to see if he can start in the league or no.
  13. It's going to be touch and go. I think they're going to have to win 10 games to win the division, I don't know if they have the horses. I'd be marking if they pull it off though.
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