Alexa Bliss aka Kelly Kelly 2.0

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  1. So I was looking for info about the women's match for the PPV and I seen this and had to share...

    "THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am currently training with WWE to be a wrestler. We train at NXT in Orlando. A great group of men and women are down here but I have to call out one girl, Alexa Bliss. I wish to stay anonymous but this needs to be out. She is a ring rar as we call it. She sleeps with just about every person who walks in the door here and has slept with trainers, higher ups, wrestlers and whoever else she can get her hands on. I have heard nasty stories I refuse to share. She is cute and nice but is a total slore. She is not very good in the ring but isn’t bad as a manager. I hope she sees this and cleans her act up asap."

    So I don't really know anything about most women in WWE, don't really follow women's wrestling aside form who is champ/after titles... But wow if this is true. I don't understand how some of these women (and MEN!) can just get into a business and slut around like there's no tomorrow. I am not one to judge but I think this is something that one should normally not want to do in their place of work. This can be a BS post, sure... But there have been plenty of "ring rats" in the company in the past so I am not entirely dismissing it.

    I do wonder, since women can be ring rats... What would you call a male wrestling whore? lol
  2. This rumor is over two years old and was shot down instantly. There's nothing to this report. Bliss is in a long term relationship with Murphy from the Blake and Murphy tag team and has been since she joined basically. She's also very well liked backstage and compared to a young Trish Stratus rather than Kelly Kelly.

    She's also a very good worker for her experience level.
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  3. Total bullshit. And she isn't very good in the ring? Get outta here, she is one of the best women they've got. Hopefully we can see an amazing match between Bliss and Lynch.
  4. Good! I know nothing about her so I didn't know any different.
  5. As mentioned, I know nothing about these women :pity:
  6. Alexa Bliss >
  7. Sleep with me please
  8. Who? Me? I'm married, bro.
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