Alexa Bliss is gonna be the new Kelly Kelly

Discussion in 'NXT' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 10, 2014.

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  1. Alexa Bliss is gonna be the new Kelly Kelly for sure she has a smiliar look and same gymnastics background. Alexa debuted on NXT tv this week and beat Alicia in the NXT womens title tournment. This girl is one to watch out for. Vince loves blondes and hes bound to know of her and will make sure she is pushed on NXT and then onto the main roster

    ^^^ Heres Alexa introducing herself
  2. .. Don't compare her to Kelly Kelly pleaseeee
    She's a cutie not some slooooot.
  3. God I hope not. Alexa is talented.
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  4. She's going to become a dead behind the eyes hoe-bag?
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  5. The only difference is, One of them was useless... And One of them can actually wrestle.
  6. Kelly Kelly can wrestle you clearly didnt watch her matches

    Alexa Bliss will be the new version of her and she will be the top diva I can gurantee it
  7. I thought Paige was the top diva by your estimates? Now I'm just confused.

    I'm cheering for Charlotte nowadays myself.
  8. Eww I hate that beast :emoji_slight_smile:

    Alexa Bliss out of Columbus, OH (hometown chick; tis why I gotta root for her)
  9. They are working on her I think. She looks better now then we she debuted thank goodness.

    I won't say Alexa is not good looking though.
  10. I like Charolette as a Diva in the WWE I was just messing w/ you hahaaa.

    Remember in WMXXX when HHH came out with the 3 ladies and everyone said BFFs.. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Summer Rae under the mask; looking back at it it looks more like Alexa Bliss.
  11. Yeah, it was Alexa, Felicia, and Charlotte IIRC
  12. I hope Alexa is in the business for awhile and remains to be billed from my hometown, that would make me very happy :emoji_slight_smile:
    Next time they come to Nationwide (The venue WWE is at whenever they come to Columbus) I wonder if they will call her up for an appearance just to get the home crowd buzz.
  13. I was still wrong lol
    Sasha was the other one, not Felicia
  14. Yeah I was gonna say the one didn't really look like Snaggletooth Summer :emoji_wink: I thought it was Alexa after watching the replay of that match in particular.
  15. Haha, snaggletooth. She is a butter face for real. Or a "monet" if you want to get all Clueless about it.

    My wife loves to hate on her on Total Divas.
  16. Haven't watched TD in awhile :emoji_slight_frown:
    Not by choice just haven't been around during Sunday nights haha.
  17. I torrent it
  18. Ahh, I think they have it on Hulu I just never get around to it.
    I think they're at the part where Naomi's eye got fucked up.
  19. That might've been last night yeah. They were leading up to it last week IIRC.
  20. Nice, I'll prlly watch the replay of last night's then.
    That's one thing I really actually was entertained to get a background perspective on.

    Mmmm I hope Alexa is eventually on this show (should it stay around for a few years).
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