Summerslam Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley...Again...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Grievous II, Jul 14, 2017.

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    So...the rumor going round at the moment is that the RAW Women's title will be defended in
    some kind of Four Way Match at Summerslam.

    Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley vs. Nia Jax

    This may-be the reason why Bayley pinned Alexa on the latest episode of RAW after basically
    being buried 6 feet under by Alexa Bliss in the last coupe of months (Thanks to the RAW
    creative/booking team of course)

    Now this will basically be a repeat of the same match they booked at Wrestlemania except
    with Alexa Bliss swapped in for Charlotte.

    In fact if you look at the RAW women's division...nothing has changed even with the Superstar
    Shake Up. We have a blonde heel champion, Bayley being poorly booked, Sasha not getting the
    title reign she deserves and Nia Jax simply being there so they can have their repetitive faces
    vs. heels tag matches.

    Meanwhile Emma, Mickie James and Dana Brooke are (possibly) telling some kind of B-plot in
    the division...but the story seems to have been relegated to PPV kickoff shows and Main Event.

    Mickie James recently defeated Emma on the latest episode of Main Event while Dana watched
    from the back. I guess RAW isn't long enough to fit in that 7 minute match.

    Now I have to admit...the booking of the entire women's division is getting really stale...and even
    though I'm invested in seeing Sasha break Alexa into little looks like the only 1 on 1 feud
    the entire main roster division has will not get a chance to play out without Bayley and Nia being
    thrown into the mix.

    It really shouldn't be this hard.


    Here let me just go over the entire (main roster) division quickly...just with some random ideas.

    RAW: we have Alexa vs. Sasha as the top feud...and that works. Let them get personal
    and nasty...and if they really do hate each on that. Let it build to a No DQ, Falls
    Count Anywhere match and let Sasha win that.

    B-Story...Nia Jax vs. Mickie James. Build the relationship between Dana & Mickie and
    have Emma and Bayley on the outside observing. Build the feud and show that Mickie
    has the experience to push Nia but at the key moment of the final match...have Dana turn
    on Mickie to side with Emma.

    Nia, Emma & Dana attempt to take Mickie apart only for Bayley and a returning Summer Rae
    to make the save.

    After these 2 feuds play leaves you with 4 faces, 4 heels and many possible options
    for the future.

    Sasha vs. Emma for the title?
    Bayley vs. Emma?
    Mickie vs. Dana?
    Alexa vs. Summer?
    Nia vs. Summer?


    So...this is really easy...after Battleground...set these up...

    Naomi vs. Natalya for the top title feud...
    Charlotte vs. Tamina/Lana...
    Becky Lynch vs. Carmella/Ellsworth...

    If the fans get into the Becky/Carmella feud...have Carmella cash in on Naomi
    or to be even crueler have her cash in on Nattie straight after she wins it which
    would automatically make Becky/Carmella the top feud and may-be have Becky
    challenge Carmella & Ellsworth to a 2 on 1 handicap match for the title and have
    Becky make Ellsworth submit to win the belt giving Carmella a reason to ditch
    Ellsworth. Allow Becky to hold the belt for a couple of months before Carmella
    wins the title back on her own.

    During this time you can play out Naomi vs. Tamina/Lana and possibly Charlotte
    vs. Natalya (even though I think we have all seen enough of that)


    Of course booking options could change and get more interesting with the addition
    of new performers and who really knows. Asuka, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay & Liv Morgan
    would all be welcome at this point because frankly...the entire women's division needs a
    shot in the arm.

    Also...Summer Rae, Nikki Bella & Paige returning would also help.

    Well...I'm done.

    What do you think about this possible booking for Summerslam?

    Post your thoughts & comments below...and as always I'll see you around the traps.
  2. Fuck the bullshit they need to get Ronda Rousey in there for real. She'd be the female Brock Lesnar and exactly what WWE needs to save the women's division. If they go through with putting on a Royal Rumble she should be the last entrant by surprise. What a moment!
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  3. You know we normally don't agree on much...but that is a very cool idea and would
    definitely be a huge moment in the history of the WWE & Women's wrestling.
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  4. WOW simply...WOW

    I mean I'm all for Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss but they have to make Nia more of a threat in the divison, she's just there as a distraction. Look how they used to use Braun Strowman when he came in and was in The Wyatt Family. Big athletes have to respected as well (I'm talking to you, WWE AKA Vince!!!), you can just shove someone who is very tall and/or big in weight/muscles, and think the story will write itself. If they are the new dominate superstar, MAKE THEM ONE!!!

    If they aren't going to use Nia Jax full potential (although kinda fucked up for Alexa Bliss if they did lol sorry!) then we all know what part is going to be a bathroom break. smh.
  5. The Universal title, and the IC title should be the only 2 multi man title matches on the show, because it acually makes sense for these two. I am sick of seeing fatal 4 way women, and tag team matches on the big PPVs just becuase they want to include everyone. The RAW women's title match should be Alexa vs Sasha, because its simple and it works. They had a really good match at Great Balls Of Fire, and the match had no clear winner. So let them settle it at Summerslam. I don't care that you want to put all the women on the card, the fact is you will never get this division over if you keep spamming these meaningless, random multi women matches on your biggest shows.
  6. My Problem With Nia Jax

    Nia has potential...but...she is nowhere near ready to be
    the RAW Women's Champion.

    Also...the idea of Sasha Banks not being on the Summerslam
    card makes me literally feel sick.
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  7. right, but I do feel she can be a serious and dominating champ soon down the line but it depends on how WWE choose to use her, like I said, just a big distraction is what she is.
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  8. You know Alexa/Nia match will only work...

    If Carmella cashes in on whoever wins and gets
    drafted to RAW (because she has the title that
    belongs on RAW) and then Emma gets drafted
    to SmackDown to replace Carmella while she
    teams up with Heel Cass.

    I mean...that's how I'd book Summerslam...but...
    I'm a no who really knows.
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  9. far we are getting Alexa vs. Bayley...
    A terrible match we have already seen twice
    on pay per view...and Bayley was booked like
    a complete loser in both matches.

    Why should I take Bayley seriously?

    Alexa Bliss literally ran away from Sasha Banks...
    while she easily kicked Bayley's (lovely) butt


    May-be Sasha has some backstage heat?

    Or may-be Sasha & Nia will be added to the
    Summerslam match we will get a repeat of
    that Wrestlemania match...only a lot worse
    because there is no Charlotte to powerbomb
    Nia or do wicked moonsaults.
  10. Sasha has had backstage heat for a long time because of her reputation as an unsafe worker. That said, short of Asuka, Bliss vs Banks is still the money match, despite the fact that it's been done, so they will hold out until Wrestlemania.

    A loss here would be the end of Bayley, entirely. The idea of a fatal 4 way was dropped when it became clear that the UV title would be defended in a fatal 4 way due to lack of trust in Strowman's drawing power. So, one on one, Bayley has to come out the champion or it's all over for her and she might as well go to GFW. So it seems most likely that after Summerslam we'll see Banks vs Bayley and Bliss vs Jax. Then Banks vs Bayley again, all designed to build Bayley up in the hope of a mania triple threat.
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  11. Say what? Really? I find that had to believe...

    Really? Well...I'd be happy if you're long as Sasha wins...

    Bayley already had "her end" thanks to that abomination of a 'This is your life'
    segment and then being shown to be too "nice" to use a kendo a kendo
    stick match.

    Does anyone else feel that some of the creative team think Bayley's character
    rides the short bus to RAW every week?
  12. Yeah, the rumours regarding Sasha first started to surface after Hell in a Cell when the finish was changed at the last minute to give her a loss.

    Not going to lie, Bayley is in trouble, but she still has fan support. For now.
  13. Fan support? You mean the same fans that started booing her at Extreme Rules?

    Face it broski...Bayley is has been fucking buried and ruined by her main roster
    booking. The only way to redeem her would be for her to win the title back at
    SummerSlam and have her hold it for 12 months with a clean title defense every
    month...and I can't see the WWE going through with that kind of booking.

    I'm going to say Alexa retains at SummerSlam...because she's their pet project
    at the moment and her now being on Total Divas only reinforces that.
  14. Yes, the same fans who booed her at Extreme Rules, then cheered her pinning Bliss and pinning Banks. Fans tend to boo booking decisions regardless of whether they like a person. Bayley still has fan support regardless of whether one night she was booed.
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