Alexander Rusev is a one trick pony

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Alexander Rusev is a one trick pony same thing every match seriously this guy sucks and he will never be the next top heel. And the USA chants totally own him lol. Please just release this guy. WWE will only job him out in the end and turn him into a joke like what happened to Tensai
  2. You'll love him in 3 month, just like with Bray.
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  3. You call Rusev a one trick pony yet you like Paige. LMFAO you're too great. He's trained in Muay Thai, he's strong and agile for his build, and he can work good matches. For someone who purportedly watches NXT, you don't know jackshit about the people there or who used to be there.
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  4. I think you need glasses
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  5. Just read this again, "USA chants totally owned him", yeah, the foreign heel is not supposed to get those chants at all :lol1:
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  6. Rusev will be a great heel... if booked right. He has everything he needs and he's a great worker.
  7. Rusev has the making of he next Umaga, I think he's got the Samoa Joe Vibe on him, big guy who can move.
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  8. excellent point again
  9. He is talented but IMO wwe probably will just build him up like crazy then forget about him.
  10. you're going to need to get your lips surgically removed from her arse lad.
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  11. stop sharing your dreams lad

    we all know you want a good hand shandy of her, and dare i say a knee trembler
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  12. knee trembler got a laugh the first time, so you go back to the well. You are lame dude. About as entertaining as a doll with a pull string and 4 sayings
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  13. i am not here for your amusement
  14. Maybe that's the problem. I am here for their amusement. *crowd pops*

    I AM HERE FOR THE PEOPLE! *crowd pops*


    IGNORE! **crowd goes ballistic**
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  15. i would like to see you go 5 rounds of the queens english with me lad
  16. I've always assumed you as one of the forum heels...face turn dude? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    In response to the thread and it's contents I think it is a pretty bold statement to say that Rusev is a one trick pony when all that you have seen of him so far is like 3/4 job matches within the main roster on WWE TV. It is not really possible to make defining judgements like that about a character when he is yet to participate in a contest longer than two minutes or is yet to be involved in a storyline. I think that it is pretty obvious the WWE is slowly building him by allowing him to squash jobbers in short periods of time using mostly his signature moves and finishers, this is how they usually start when promoting a new big guy/monster heel. Only when Rusev is involved in a legit feud will we be able to judge whether or not he is a one-trick pony.

    Side note: Does a one-trick pony land Muay-Thai kicks one second, body slams the next and then finish with a Camel Clutch? Just a thought.
  17. Ok I have just found a flaw with this Alexander Rusev guy..... So Lana controls him from how she directs orders to him well how come he came out on his own for that main event with the other wrestlers to beat up the Shield and Lana wasent around to control him then? seriously WWE fucked up there
  18. I've been a face for a long time. I'm only a dick to dumbasses and retards. aka heels. BLFFL is top heel around here and has been, despite what that retard FTJ might think.
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  19. lololololol.. nuff said.
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