Alexander Rusev vs. Kofi Kingston

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. For those of you that watch NXT idk if you saw last week's match involving a challenge by Alexander Rusev that was accepted by Kofi Kingston but the Bulgarian Brute got the best of the WWE Superstar.. This week Kofi challenged him to a rematch, I think this is good for Rusev who is one of my favorites in the NXT atm although I wish it was on one of the more main event programs but still it's good for NXT viewings I suppose.

    Who do you think will win Round 2 now that Kofi "won't be underestimating" as he put it, his opponent this time?
    My vote is Rusev takes the second match as well, he's been shredding through people lately, even Xavier Woods recently felt his wrath.

    Also what are your opinions on Rusev as a whole, do you think he could find success on the WWE Roster?
    I for one think so, but that's just my opinion.
  2. I think Rusev will grab the win. Perhaps Kofi should get an NXT run some time in the future (or, maybe now) to work on a new character since they seem to like his ultimate staleness on the main show. As far as Rusev goes, I'm a fan. I like the gimmick of a monster who comes from some relatively unknown country from some far away corner of the world (at least for US fans) and doesn't talk. Rusev does that well, as he's a good monster worker inside the ring. I think having Lana speak Russian all the time for him is a bit redundant though, well, anyway, he could be successful if used correctly (aka if HHH gets to book him).
  3. Lana is the only thing hurting his character even though he has been on a tear since going under her "management" you're right the constant Russian monologues before she introduces him are indeed quite redundant.
  4. I hope to see Rusev go far. I'll even put up with the stupid monologues. He is entertaining to watch in the ring IMO.
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  5. Definitely! For being a big guy he's got quite the agileness, plus his fierceness and strength makes him quite the entertainer.
    I liked how they used him via a Kane appearance on NXT (which was awesome!) to punish Xavier Woods for being one of the head starters for the petition to get the Big Show back.
  6. Rusev has caught my eye the last couple of weeks. I would like a longer match this time between he and Kofi, but I see no reason for Kofi to go over... in this match or going over anyone until he gets a fresh character.
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  7. True, the match was a wee-short, I do like how they cut in this week's released taping with a interview from Kofi saying he underestimated his opponent and got caught off guard by Lana shouting shit in Russian :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I just started watching NXT probably like back in July and the match that caught my eye for him was when he went against DZ back in August.. Even though Rusev lost the match it still consumed a decent amount of time, and there was a good bit of action in it from both parties!
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  8. That's my one complaint right now about NXT is the average match is so short. I get they only have an hour to work with, but give us fewer matches that run longer instead of 5 short matches squeezed in.
  9. Sometimes they do have longer ones. Cesaro/Zayn was pretty long IIRC
  10. I understand, I mean in general.
  11. That is an argument that can be made for most wwe matches up until recently I believe.
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  12. Yeah, I mean, here comes this guy who speaks Bulgarian, and we can't understand what he's saying at all, so he's going a manager who speaks for him... in Russian. :dawg: It's alright for her to shout stuff in Russian during the match, I guess, but when she's introducing the guy and on interviews she should speak English.
  13. Shit at TLC they had Big E dominate Sandow within 6 minutes and that was reallly recent :emoji_slight_smile:.
  14. NXT with the Rematch taping comes out tomorrow for custies on Hulu.. I'm decently hyped for the match, the rest of the taping from what I remember seeing on the line-up was pretty meh.

    3.5/5 expected for Rusev / Kofi bout 2
    2.5/5 in general (In comparison to NXT tapings only)
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