Alexander Rusev's Newest Entrance Video.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Butters!, May 8, 2014.

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  1. :dawg:

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  2. Trying way too hard to be the next guy with Sgt. Slaughter heat ala Iraqi sympathizer gimmick.
  3. :mad1:

    It looks like someone hack WWE's Youtube account. No way it's his newest entrance.
    First of all, he's from bulgarien, not from Russia. Second of all, the entrance is shit but still funny though haha.
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  4. Hahaha awesome! People complaining and taking this seriously, needs to just calm down. It's really easy and cheap heat, but so what? I find it funny.
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  5. Idk why but I just lost it when I saw the picture of Putin :lol1:
  6. Did you not watch RAW on Monday? They clearly stated that he has moved to Russia and now represent Russia and Vladimir Putin.
  7. Really? Shit just got real lol

    Edit: I didn't watch the raw.
  8. Looks like a titantron for the fucking Nintendo 64 bahahahaha
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  9. They so ripped it from an emulator. I mean look at those graphics.
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