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  1. I'll be the first to admit but if you are not active on the site for a certain amount of time there will be new members (Duh! obviously). But there are members who change their name and you don't have a f'kin clue who or what they are.
    So the plan is to have a alias box next to their username on the profile page.
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  2. I do not even know who I am anymore, can someone please help?:upset:
  3. #BringBackPopTatari
  4. AIDS Johnson and shit like I come back and feel like that dude who went out for a smoke at a party and when he came back people are bottled mate and you're like what the fuck is going on but at the same time you predicated a cultural change after a hiatus, even if it was a short duration.

    fucking ****s

    I'm Swing Car and I ain't Jim Bob Shithead I'm Swing Car one name baby one name one man one NAME.
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  5. I have too many to list. Aids and Random Hero are probably the two that have stuck.
  6. I can probably get this developed, yes.
  7. NOOO! I don't want to be reminded of my first name, it was terrible! lol
  8. Just noticed the "Previous Names" on my profile, it's a nice little addition.
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