Alicia Fox Quits?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by RoyalRaven, May 13, 2014.

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  1. Well after reading this article and her attitude after the match on RAW, i'd be gutted to see the best Diva in the locker room actually quit, your thoughts?

  2. Well as you just stated, She is one of the best wrestlers in the diva's locker-room and yet she jobs to any girl who comes up. If she does quit I wouldn't blame her and would be 100% behind it. The WWE Diva's division need's another championship to maintain the respect and dignity that the roster once was. otherwise it's just going to be crowded and the ones who do deserve it get pushed aside for those who haven't been in the company for more than two years.
  3. It's kayfabe... they are working toward a Paige vs Alicia Fox feud for the Divas title.
  4. I hope so. Fox desperately needs to be used in a positive light, She's good in the ring, Good on the mic, one of the few ladies that are simply amazing when it comes to the PG era of WWE divas.

    on that note, if Fox Vs Paige does happen I will be more excited as Foxy Sells Paiges moves in such a beautiful way!
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  5. Fox was dominant the entire match earlier on RAW but then the "John Cena of Divas" Supergirl Paige pulled out a sudden victory with 1 move.... that's going to get old very quickly.
  6. Already bored of it.
  7. She never said she quit on the app, false report. There was an interview though. Also, Alicia Fox herself denied these rumors on Twitter.
  8. She should reinvent herself as Star Fox just for the fuck of it.
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  9. LOL at people thinking what happened on the App is real.

    LOLOL at people not even knowing what actually happened on the App.

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  10. LOLOLOL at giving a shit about Alicia Fox :umad:
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  11. One thing she'll never quit is dis dick
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  12. Nope. I'm :kiss:.

  13. :true:
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  14. Only because you can't quit something you never started :dawg:
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