Theories Aliens: What's your opinions?

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Solidus, Apr 24, 2015.

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  1. So what do you think about aliens and other intelligent species (and not bacteria), do you think they exist somewhere?

    I'm sided more with their existence, our universe is far too big for there not to be IMO. If you think about the creation of earth and evolution of humans, how can the same thing not happen on other planets? There are millions of them, after all.

    A theory I quite like the idea of is the
    zoo hypothesis, it sounds like something us humans would do, and assuming these other species are as intelligent as us, or more, they would too.
    What's your opinion?
  2. I don't have much of a working theory. My best guess is that other planets exist with intelligent life form... somewhere. I would speculate that they are far enough away that they are as incapable of reaching us as we are them. They may be more or less advanced, who knows.

    I find any theory that involves aliens knowing about Earth but just refusing to make their presence known to us for whatever reason to be a bit farfetched. Takes a lot of presumptions to get to that conclusion
  3. I feel that they exist so my vote would be cast to that side of the discussion. We are only able to venture so far and discover only so much, if they are out there I personally feel as if they are farther advanced than we are hence the explanation for some of the sightings. Of course many sightings are hoaxes and people looking to get their "10 minutes of fame".
  4. There's hundreds of billions galaxies out there, and one must really be fucked in the head not to believe there are other life forms in space.
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  6. Any theories you believe? Why has there been no contact or any solid evidence from the observable universe so far?
  7. Aliens are real and Earth is a prison planet.
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  8. shut up fuck face
  9. no
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  10. I would have to basically agree with this...

    There are so many places that we have not and will never explore. So many galaxies and no possibility of a life form? Unlikely!
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  11. zoey monroe
    Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore. We still don't have one clue how they built the pyramids (or do we? maybe something went under my radar), I mean those stones weigh 20-50 tons, man. Many UFO apparitions were proven to be fake, but many are also too good to be false. Meh, to quote Carl from The Simpsons "it's best not to think about it".
  12. There are theories on pyramids as well but some of those theories do point towards something "out of this world" while others show ancient tools/devices (

    Not to get into another debate that swerves the topic, but I think there is more history than us "normal" people know and things that are covered up. This could be in relation to aliens or other things, I just feel like there is defiantly more to the story in terms of evidence and details.
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  13. People usually use aliens like a "god of the gaps" sort of argument. If there's something we don't quite understand, you can bet there's a alien theory about it.

    I personally believe(as in almost certainly) there are other lifeforms somewhere and they are either too advanced to talk to us(would you stop to have tea with a cockroach?), or too far away to reach us. Of course, that also comes from the shitty and risky assumption that aliens would behave somewhat simlarly to us just because they are inteligent. That's why I'm leaning more towards the "too far away" rather then "too fucking smart for us"
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