Alistair Overeem makes (possibly gay??) advances towards The Rock on twitter

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 29, 2012.

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    Say what you want, but that goofy smile on Ubereem's face screams "We should 'compare physiques' sometime Dwayne."
  2. Lol thats cool. I don't get how its possibly gay.
  3. Weird thread.

  4. Übereem wants the peoples schtrudel.
  5. Rock going to have dick to his ass
  6. At least somebody sees what's going on here.
  7. I get it. Let's talk? #simplewordsequalgay
  8. You couldn't have a more appropriate sig for this kinda thread btw, Overeem is tryna come onto Dwayne whilst Mario stands there shirtless saying come at me bro.
  9. Definitely gay.
  10. Nice to see they're wearing each others shirts.. :obama:
  11. Man his fucking head is massive.
  12. So? :dawg:
  13. Did somebody say Steroids. :jeritroll:
  14. Everyone knows Reem used PEDs at some point, but it doesn't bother me until he fails a drug test and ruins my PPV main events. Pro athletes know the risk/rewards of using PEDs on their body, and they know the risk of getting caught. If they are slick enough to use and not get caught, I give them props. If they get caught, they are morons and they need to fuck off. I still love Reem, but he's on my shit list for awhile.
  15. The shirts are not the only thing they are gonna wear.
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