Alkaline talks RAW June 17 - comedy not guaranteed

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Time for me to jot down my reactions to Monday night RAW. You nerds have been warned.No real comedy guaranteed but I'll try. I tend to focus more on the analysis part mostly but you never know.

    Starting off with Alberto Del Rio. Pretty nice heel promo by ADR right here. He's using the right material to get heat, the fact that Dolph is more popular, the fact that people chanted USA during his feud with Swagger etc. He seems to be getting some okay heat with this. I really enjoyed the heel turn last night so I am interested in seeing where this goes with him and Dolph. It is bound to be a fun ride. "I'm gonna give you a second chance" :Adr:Good guy Alberto cares about the people.

    Punk? OH HELL NO! Still rocking those ridiculous chops Punk? Different strokes for different yolks I guess but I think they look silly. Dude is still insanely over as a guy of his talent should be. Looking at Punk and looking at Del Rio you really do see two different schools of wrasslin. Del Rio is class and style and elegance. And Punk is raw American style personified INB4ZebCoulter.

    Heyman and Punk splitting up? Sure looks like it. Hopefully this face run from Punk will be better booked than the last one. Also Paul let them fight you son of a bitch! ADR vs Punk tonight? How bout yes?

    Vickie? Cougar time!
    Nevermind that, Maddox is here as well! Good job Brickie, I like that main event.

    "It's how I feel about you" So much PunkxHeyman yaoi fanfics to be born from that line. Like gross amounts.
    Aww break up. 50 shades of grey vibes from the ladies for this.

    Ooh, Barret time! BOOO...Vickie again? Ohkay, big surprise? Eddie's alive?

    CAPTAIN CHARISMA! Markymarking count: 1.
    "This should be good" - agreed Lawler, agreed.

    Crowd loves Christian, seems like a good crowd tonight. Wonder if Wade being screwed out of his rematch will lead to a face turn down the road? At the time being I think a face run could revitalize his career. I just don't know who to put him against.
    Christian doesn't seem to have much ring rust which is good. Seems like he is back to just using the Killswitch instead of ending it with a frog splash. Pretty good first match of the night. Not too long and both guys looked okay coming out.

    OH SHIZZLE! Wyatt vignette :fap:
    That is all.

    Sandow and Cody in a handicap match? It's burying time fellah!
    They're vailing at each other like children at a school yard. And Cody's mustache is still over. Which is sad considering how good a talent Cody can be when allowed to. Sandow is also a good character but needs som real direction.
    Cody and Damian teaming up on Sheamus makes me happy. But we all know where this is going.
    Despite what I think about Sheamus current character I do think he is a solid worker. He has a nice European and physical style with a lot of hard hits and he tends to work best with guys that can work a similar style (See Cesaro: Antonio).
    The big white machine is busting through these two like a pint. Cal 1800-Fella for a brogue kick etc etc. WTF? Roll up win and Sandow legging it. Poor Cody eating that boot.:upset:
    So where does this go from here? Sandow vs Sheamus feud continues? Or will this result in a Cody vs Sandow program? I'm intriqued.

    Here comes the same RVD package as last night. I'm no fan of Van Dam, he brings nothing to the table. But he does have a good theme song.

    Brickie sucking up to Triple H. Vickie dodging bullets like the frog in frogger dodging cars. Not sure where this McMahon thing is going but we'll see.

    Oh hai, Daniel Bryan you sexy beast. And hai Kane. This relationship tension is quite good and I like the way they are building Bryan up as a never going down underdog wanting to prove himself. He has an organic connection with the crowd which means he will never stop being over to at least some degree now. Looks like the end of team Hell no :sad: but the start of team DB :yay:

    Slightly heelish Backstage promo from Orton. I guess this is gonna be good then.
    That fan dressed like Bryan - beard and all - has so much swagger.Both these guys are really over, Orton got a higher entrance pop due to the ladies but I expect the crowd to be more on Daniel's side once the match starts. Daniel still got a real nice entrance pop as well though.
    No DQ? This will be good.
    Even start to this match, both guys trading offense and kicks in the corner. Nice transition into a half crab by Bryan. Orton is definitely working the heel role right here and he is doing it well. He would work so well as a dominant heel in the upper mid card, would help titles like the IC belt too if he went for it against a young stud.

    Bryan has a great underdog character as I said before and his never say die attitude and ring style only helps him. He has really stepped it up in the last month or so. Low blow? Orton you dastardly fiend! Bryan and Brie were supposed to make babies with those! Injury angle added to this? Daniel Bryan is fucking Rocky Balboa ladies and gentlemen. The ultimate underdog story. Seabs said yesterday how Bryan and Dolph are going to be the two babyfaces hunting the belts this summer, looks like he was right. Bryan and Orton will definitely have a rematch down the line. I like were this is going because Bryan is going to end up an absolute star.

    Aj huh? I really don't care for AJ. Her character is just treading water and her mic work isn't as good as people seem to think. Someone has to save this segment (looking at you Big E). And now she's going on an ego trip that's just great #Sarcasm. STEPH!? :yay: This segment just became good. Did this just become a feminism pep talk? OH LAWD LADIES! :dawg: That goes so well with the "We want puppies" chants. DIVAS! Come to papa #SoMuchMisogyny. You tapped out chants and a psycho turn from Kaitlyn? Not sure how I feel here. Big E to the rescue to carry AJ away like a sack of potatoes. Also mandatory nip slip mention, time to move on. And that right there is why I hate the AJ character. Just plain annoying.

    Kane vs Ambrose? They don't gel well in ring so I am not sure how I feel here. Ambrose does have a lot of swagger/confidence when walking out to the ring though. But Kane has so much swagger stuff catches fire :dawg:
    I like Ambrose the character, but I simply cannot get into his ring style. I couldn't when he was John Moxley and I cannot now except when he is put with faster ring workers more his size/ring generals like Regal. When he is put against bigger guys he seems slow and since he doesn't work a methodical style it doesn't gel well for me. I do like the performer though, just not his wrestling against bigger men. NVM, Seth and Roman to the rescue for the DQ. God I love Roman's spear. Beast. Been a while since we saw the triple powerbomb. Nice.

    Crying D-Young? :please:

    Spank them Vickie, cougar style. lol random heel Vince appearance. Ruthless aggression? Marking a bit. Vince, Y U No like Kane? lol this McMahon program can go anywhere. Interesting.

    More Wyatt? I need another psycho Harper gif.
    Yes, get here already Bray.

    Uncle Zeb! What have you got for me old man? Anti government rant huh? #Merica. New stable member? CESARO :yay: New graphics for Cesaro as well. This is gonna be a good match. Regal? Scratch that, this match will be great. Nice bridge Regal, so sensual. This match is so physical. Love it. JBL is such a douchebag on commentary. That fucking move from Cesaro! Nice physical European style match with a nice touch at the end. Cesaro, Coulter and Swagger could be a nice little faction. I could even see them putting the tag belts on them down the road. And with Cesaro they have a better speaking wrestler at hand. Not to mention the matches will be great!
    That arguing between Cole and JBL :jbl::cole:

    Another RVD vignette. Still not feeling this waste of skin returning at all.


    Crowdpandering extra ordinare from good old John boy. Typical bullshit John promo trying to sell himself as an underdog.

    MARK HENRY! Get out of the ring John, time for the star of the show!
    If you really leave Mark I am gonna miss you. Sexy salmon colored sports coat as well. Good crowd reaction to this. And Mark is crying, I love this big bad oaf. Don't cry for me Argentina reference = Win. Mae Young shout out, nice. OMAGAWD SWERVE! That's what he do! :henry:Yeah like we didn't see that one coming. Great segment non the less. Henry vs Cena at MITB will be nice. LOL at the massive pop he got for destroying Cena.

    Jericho vs Slater? I'll enjoy this.

    Slater is a very underrated worker. Like D'Z has said and I have probably spouted it sometime as well. Slater in a cowardly heel midcard role could be gold. The modern day honkytonk man. Add to that the fact that he can go in the ring and draw good heat and I think the Legend killer 2.0 could be great in the WWE mid card. Sneaky 3MB is sneaky. I'd mark for a Jericho vs 3MB feud later on.

    Born to be better than Perfeckt, nice tag line. Really digging this version of Axel's theme. And the IC title does look good on the waist of the son of Mr. Perfect. Axel and Sin Cara have some okay chemistry so this match will likely be good but short. Nice counter there by Sin Cara. Nice DDT. New finisher possibly?
    This match went as I though, short but okay flow to it. Axel will be fine in the intercontinental title scene. He may never be a WWE champ. But he'll do well in the upper mid card.

    More backstage shenanigans and homo erotica between Heyman and Paul. Moving on.

    Main event time. ADR getting the typical ADR treatment. Punk getting a good pop. This aught to be good.
    Aggressive style from Del Rio which is nice. It helps sell his heel character. Punk is working the hurt face role well as well. Nice arm work. I like that everything Del Rio does leades to his finisher. One of Punk's strong sides is his ability to sell long term and create emotion around it. Instead of just bumping. GTS to the head and Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Countout win to Punk. LE WILD DOLPH RUN IN. Face turn complete!

    LE WILD BORK appears. This is gonna be interesting. F5 to Punk. This will be an interesting and nice feud.Punk can work hard hitting as can Brock and I am sure Punk can bring out the best story possible from this set up. I'll likely enjoy it.

    There you have it folks. Very entertaining episode. Probably the best episode of RAW this year. Not the best wrestling show I have seen but easily the best WWE show I have seen this year. Looking forward to see what all the planet seeds grow into.
  2. Agree with most of what you said. I just hope WWE can sustain their momentum. They have so many different new things happening the last two nights, you have to wonder if we are all excited because new = different. Will we still be so hyped about all of these changes in 3-4 weeks? hope so
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