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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, May 21, 2013.

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    Same idea as last night people.

    First segment. Okay… Ryback on top of an ambulance. Pretty decent promo, nothing stellar but nothing tripe anyways. Bit disappointed that they gave away the Payback main event already. On we go!

    Miz & Jericho vs Barret & Fandango
    First off. When did they call Nigel McGuinness and ask for tips on theme songs for brits? Cause this sounds like something he’d come out to. I like it. Miz getting a decent reaction to this crowd, still doesn’t top Jericho (Like anyone can?).
    Not that big a fan of the result (Barrett jobbing, he’s intercontinental champion for god’s sake) but I understand why the match was structured like it did, short and quick match with guys known to get a reaction of some sort that was meant to get the crowd going. Still don’t like the end results. Get Barret a decent program already!

    Decent backstage segment by Bryan and Kane, crowd liking both stars. I :dafuq: ed when the crowd popped for Kofi though.

    Sheamsu vs Titus. I actually liked this match. Titus is big enough for Sheamus to be able to work a good match with him, we've seen time and time again that Sheamus tends to have worse matches with smaller opponents but Titus could match the power. And in between Sheamus bouts of Wolverine syndrome Titus looked good, real good. I'd not be against Titus getting a singles push in the future.
    Short match but okay considering. The end was obvious as soon as FELLLA hit the ring.

    Curtis Axel huh? Well I am a fan of Joe, having watched him grow and evolve on NXT and superstars so I am fully behind giving the guy a push and putting him with Heyman is a master stroke. Heyman covers his weaknesses and it gives Heyman a solid client that he can be involved with full time. I like I like.

    Big E vs Del Rio. Okay match I guess. First time these two lock up in a singles match to my knowledge and Big E is working okay, utilizing his power (work your strengths kids). Del Rio directed the match but that was to be expected. It keeps the Del Rio/Ziggler feud going.

    Divas? Give me Stratus or kindly GTFO.

    Well. At least Cody hasn't fallen so far that he is losing to Ryder. And then Ryder got anally raped. Moving on.

    Team Hell No ft Kofi vs the Shield. I'm gonna go out on a limp already and say this is match of the night. That was a really really good six man tag. The Shield are smoking hot coming out of ER and are keeping on trucking with momentum. But the losing team didn't lose any momentum either due to the really good match. Loved all the Bryan ring time and it seems like this is going to lead for a program for him to get back into singles. Wether it will be as a underdog babyface or a dastardly heel remains to be seen. Anyways, loved this match.

    Really good, physical match between swagger and Orton. Both men looked tough and weren't afraid to be a little rough with each other. Well structured and well paced match which built up to a good finishing sequence. I do feel that Swagger should have gone over though since there is more focus on his current story than whatever Randy is up to these days. Either way good match.

    Well that Main event was... Interesting. Axel showed some promise with his ring work. I like his arrogance and the way he carried himself, especially against a general like Trips. The ending was a bit of a clusterfuck but I guess it makes sense. Axel's strikes to the head of Triple H were enough to finish off what Brock started and give him a concussion. I guess that's how Triple H puts rookies over. Axel is walking out with the win anyways and god knows Heyman can spin gold out of it.

    Solid RAW this week. One of the best since post-mania.

    + Dominant Shield and a great tag match.
    + Daniel Bryan looked excellent.
    + Curtis Axel (that will take some time getting used to) being used and in a good way.
    + Seems like they want Heyman there in the long time since they are giving him someone to build up.
    + Very good match with Swagger and Orton.

    - Dont care about the divas.
    - Wade Barrett getting buried for some dancing.
    - Orton going over Swagger.
    - Clusterfuck ending.

    I'm ranking this at a 6/10.

    Until next time nerds,
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