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  1. Name: Shannon
    Age: 32 be 32 in September
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Now: CM PUNK! Why? Because he is the best in the world. All time Fav is Shawn Michaels because when he is in the ring you know your in for a show!
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: almost 30 years
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE but sometimes i like TNA more lol
    How did you find the site? Google :emoji_wink:
    Will I be active here: Yep!
  2. "WWE but sometimes I like TNA more" - I hear you there! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Welcome to the site Shannon, enjoy your stay. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
  3. Welcome to the site shannon. Hope you like debating cause most on here sure do.

    Enjoy your stay :otunga:
  4. Thanks! Only thing i hate about wwe its always the same people wrestling. I mean i am sick of Cena/Ase storyline lol
  5. I think we all are, lol. I was loving Bryan/Punk, their match at "Over the Limit" was fantastic. Cena/Lesnar could have been a dream feud but they sort of wasted that with Cena going over clean in their first encounter.
  6. Well i had enough of Cena/Brock in 2003-04 lol! Love to see Brock vs The Rock again though
  7. Welcome, I also like HBK and Punk. It's nice that you've been a fan for so long.
  8. Welcom Shannon!

    I cried when Shawn left - I'm a great fan of him. DX!

    I hope you enjoy being here! :emoji_kissing_heart:
  9. thanks guys i know i will love it here!
  10. Another member that found the site via google. :yay:

  11. I like your username as it's regarding the Diva's, I'm a fan of the Diva's however a lot of people here hate them. Welcome to WWEForums, though.
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