Music All Day and Breaks: Your Thoughts

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  1. So, as we all know, Wiz Khalifa and Join Cena made two songs for the WWE 2K15 soundtrack. I wanted to know you guys' thoughts on them.
    For me, I like Breaks. All Day sounds way too forced on Cena's part
  2. shite

    wwe needs to go back to getting the likes on Manson and Nin on there shows
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  3. Well I'm not liking the sounds of this playlist so far....
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    All Day was not my cup of tea and I agree on the 'Cena sounds forced' comment you made. Have to check out Breaks I guess. This one also features Cena with Wiz?

    EDIT: Eh I didn't like Breaks much either. Also, is that a play on words? Cause he talks about the breaks being off in the song. Wouldn't that be spelled 'b-r-a-k-e-s'? As in the brakes on your car or whatever. Maybe I'm trying to analyze it too much I suppose.
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