Puro All Japan or New Japan?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Roadster, Dec 14, 2014.

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  1. Now, to my surprise some people actually choose All Japan over New Japan. I wanted to see what people here think? Are you an NJPW mark or a AJPW. I'm not even going to bring up the train wreck that is BJW.
  2. Probably no shock having 岡田 和睦 as my avatar that I prefer NJPW. I actually like both, but NJPW, in my opinion, is easily the best promotion in the entire world. The matches more often than not are consistently excellent. Their supercards actually have that "big event" feel to them that most American wrestling seems to lack. For example, watching the G1 Climax every year, when it gets to the last match, it always feels like something monumental is about to happen.

    I actually like NJPW so much that I learned Japanese so I could watch it with the original commentators (which I recommend to anyone who watches it otherwise) simply to enjoy the show that much more.
  3. More of a Half Japan fan.
  4. since when is BJW a train wreck?
  5. BJW is the greatest fed of all time. But hey, ignorance is bliss.
  6. New Japan is the obvious big game in town and their style is real good. One cannot deny the roll they have been on.

    But from a product stand point one shouldn't write off All Japan. Their in ring product is fantastic and everything in ring builds to that grand climax. I dare say their tag league was better than New Japan's.
  7. Modern New Japan style doesn't sound good in theory, just think about it - there's no matwork at all, unless it's a big Tanahashi, Shibata or Nakamura match; there's no chain wrestling, almost every counter comes from rope-running sequences; speaking of rope-running, ooooh my, there's so much of it, etc.

    However, their roster is loaded with great talent who make it work, and they make the most out of what is actually a very contrived style of wrestling. Great booking and finisher protection most certainly helps too, they create drama not by kicking out of the finishers, but by avoiding the finishers like plague. Once someone hits their endgame move, that's it, match over, unless it's a common weapon such as knee (Nakamura) or lariato (Kojima, Ishii).
  8. Off Topic

    It's so funny because your post answered a question that people have been asking me for a long time. I am one of those rare huge Jeff Jarrett fans and everyone always asks me why. I never have an answer other than I just like him.

    But, thinking in terms of NJPW and wrestling video games it makes sense. Jeff Jarrett probably does more of those rope running sequences than anyone in American wrestling. Whenever I play wrestling video games, about all I do is irish whips into the ropes with an offensive move on the return.

    I'm not sure if I should be happy someone connected the dots for me or be upset that I am so one dimensional. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Haha, that's cool. I like Double J too, despite me cracking jokes at his expense all the time.

    I wonder how would you react on a random UWFi or RINGS match where rope-running is a huge NO NO.
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  10. on the topic of ropes: No rope matches are pretty darn fun when done right
  11. No rope physically or no rope-running?
  12. the ring has no ropes. Dragon Gate does them from time to time since the majority of their roster are high flyers so as to throw them out of their element.
  13. I'd be okay, I'm flexible.

    For those rings with no ropes though... Irish whips would have such a different effect.

  14. Good example of a No ropes match. Featuring DA GOAT Yamato and that young stud T-Hawk.
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  15. Yep, No Rope matches are usually a lot of fun in DG.
  16. watched the AJPW tag league finals yesterday. Really enjoyed it.
  17. I have to check it these days, watched 11/24 and 11/29 shows, the 11/24 show was crazy good. KENSO & Nagai vs. Akiyama & Omori was an all-out surly brawl.
  18. Heard good things about their latest Korakuren show as well, which saw the debut of their first rookie in ages.
  19. Nah, Naoya Nomura debuted in March.
  20. I stand corrected then.

    Apparently this new rookie has only been in training for 8 months
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