All star 2013 (Houston)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roi, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. It's about to finish but so far...was it good ?

    Kyire Irving winning the 3 points contest :kiss: :fap:
  2. NBA is always good, without a doubt. Love Ricky Rubio's impossible assists to the rest of the people
  3. Spanish power baby !
  4. Yeah, Spain is great in sports!! Son increibles, no se ocurre a mi nada mejor que decir de ellos


    Sorry for my Spanish, I don't speak it really good...
  5. Its Meh, to me. Probably because the thing i look forward to the most, or used to, sucked. The dunk contest is getting worse and worse every year. Less creativity, more generous scoring and less big names. The best part of the dunk contest was even done wrong, if the guy would have jumped over the painting and simultaneously pulled the cover off while over it, it would have been the best dunk possibly ever, creativity wise.

    So far I'd give the overall weekend a C-, just because the celebrity game was sort of entertaining because if Kevin hart and the rising stars challenge was pretty good.

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  6. It was alright but flight white didn't get off his dunks.
  7. True. I think the problem was the lack of effectiveness . I mean the guys who took risks were eliminated while Ross just got enough to pass to the final . Loved the first dunk and the one of Ross in the final (Vince Carter one )

    The foot locker contest was pretty awesome , I mean they all got over 17 (except Georges ) and Irving's final was really nice .
    Oh and Irving winning means he will defend the title next year :gusta:
  8. All Star Saturday Night blows now. The game is still OK if it is competitive in the fourth, but the first three quarters are always trash.
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