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    The Best Wrestling on the Planet, Ring of Honor, returns to live Pay Per View on Friday, September 18, 2015 with All Star Extravaganza VII. This event will emanate from the historic San Antonio Shrine Auditorium.

    Ring of Honor is bringing a jam packed list of stars to San Antonio to celebrate a truly unique event. The stars in San Antonio will shine bright in the Texas sky, but they will pale in comparison to the stars signed for this live Pay Per View event.




    The ROH World Television Championship AND the ROH World Championship will be defended on September 18th at ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA! Even before he won the World Championship, Jay Lethal claimed he was the greatest CHAMPION in Ring of Honor - period. So after Lethal defeated Jay Briscoe for the World Championship, speculation mounted as to how Nigel McGuinness would handle the situation. When Lethal declared he would not vacate either of his championships, the ROH Head Matchmaker warned him that to be a dual champion in Ring of Honor would mean to be a FIGHTING champion. Now on All Star Extravagmza VII, Jay Lethal is slated to defend BOTH of his championships in the same night!

    Bobby Fish earned his World Television Championship opportunity as the victor of the Number One Contender tournament on our recent Las Vegas stop of the AFTERSHOCK TOUR. Fish has been on a roll in singles matches with a huge victory last weekend of 'Mr ROH' Roderick Strong in Chicago. Although he is a former World Tag Team Champion, if Fish defeats the “Greatest First Generation Wrestler” it would be his first time holding singles gold in Ring of Honor!

    His partner - and fellow former ROH World Tag Team Champion - Kyle O'Reilly has tapped out Jay Lethal TWICE and taken him to the limit one other time, proving that he may very well be the kryptonite that Jay Lethal fears. In the main event at the same Las Vegas stop where Bobby Fish earned his opportunity, O'Reilly forced the World Champion to submit. He also tapped out Lethal in Milwaukee. And no one can forgot the incredible 30 minute time limit draw between Lethal and O'Reilly last April in Hopkins, MN. Kyle O'Reilly has proven he can go toe-to-toe with the champ and it was only a matter of time before he was signed for a World Championship opportunity.

    Lethal has the daunting task of not only wrestling twice, but facing two of the very best wrestlers in the world on the same night with his championships on the line in both matches. Can he survive these odds? Could anyone realistically survive facing reDRagon in singles matches on the same night and leave victorious? Truth Martini and the House of Truth believe and assure you that Lethal can and will do it! Will Bobby Fish catch Lethal with the Kneebar? Will Kyle catch Lethal with the Fujiwara armbar? If they both do, it will be a tough trip home for Jay Lethal. Is Lethal that once in a lifetime athlete with the ability to beat both? You will have to be watching live on Pay Per View to see for yourself.


    The ROH World Tag Team Championship is on the line when The Addiction tries to fight off The Kingdom LIVE on pay-per-view! The Kingdom have rocketed up the ranks of international tag team competition in the past year. But they have yet to hold gold in Ring of Honor. That could change on September 18th!

    The internal issues amongst The Kingdom have been well documented. Recently, Adam Cole and his former partner, Kyle O'Reilly, have reunited Future Shock, much to the anger of Taven, Bennett, and Maria. The building hostilities between The Kingdom, The Addiction and wherever Adam Cole stands have left an opening for yet another world caliber team to interject themselves into the tag title scene - THE YOUNG BUCKS!

    Amidst all this chaos, Nigel McGuinness has decided that the World Tag Team Championship match at ASE VII must change. Now, instead of The Kingdom vs. The Addiction, you will get THREE of the top teams on the planet battling for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships!


    AJ Styles is a constant threat to any championship, especially the ROH World Title. He has spent the majority of 2015 as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, facing and defeating the very best athletes of New Japan Pro Wrestling. He has done the same within the ranks of ROH as well.

    Roderick Strong is having a year unmatched by anyone. A former ROH World Champion, ROH World Television Champion and ROH World Tag Team Champion, he has done it all. He is an elite athlete who has lost very few matches in 2015. Strong took ROH World Champion Jay Lethal to an epic 60 minute time-limit draw and ultimately fell in a rematch due to interference from the HOT.

    Adam Cole lost the ROH World Championship at Best in The World 2014. He came very close in several rematches to becoming a two-time champion. At Final Battle 2014, he not only lost a brutal “Fight without Honor” to then champion Jay Briscoe, but also suffered a major shoulder injury sidelining him for a good portion of this year. He would return in May and nearly defeat AJ Styles. He has since been mired in chaos with questions regarding his position with The Kingdom. Cole will need to put that in the back of his mind if he wants to become the #1 contender on this night.

    #BigMike, Michael Elgin, lost the ROH World Championship in September of 2014. He would then drown in a state of flux, unsure of who he was and where he wanted to be. The calendar turned in 2015 and he appeared to find himself again. A re-invigorated Michael Elgin was invited to the 2015 NJPW G1 Climax tournament. He would impress the fans of Japan as well as his contemporaries with many high profile victories during the prestigious tournament. He now returns to ROH with an opportunity to reclaim what he deems is the most important championship in wrestling, the ROH World Championship.

    The only person who is not a former ROH World Champion in this matchup is AJ Styles. It is the one title that has eluded him. Is this going to be his chance to get that opportunity? Can Roderick Strong be denied in 2015? Is it Adam Cole’s destiny to become #1 Contender and regain the ROH World Championship? Is it “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin’s time to ride back into the limelight? It all starts with this opportunity. Whether Jay Lethal retains or Kyle O’Reilly becomes the new ROH World Champion, the champion will have one heck of task facing any of these potential challengers.

    Best of 5 Series Match #3
    #reborn MATT SYDAL vs. ACH

    The reaction to ACH asking Nigel McGuinness for a match against his mentor and tag team partner Matt Sydal was one that had a lot of people turning their heads. Why would the fun, energetic ACH want to step out and prove something against his own tag team partner? ACH has rationalized that he sees Sydal as what he wants to be, respected, well-traveled and most of all, one of the very best in the world. Sydal being a veteran, understood and was blown away by the respect shown, so he immediately accepted.

    When ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness sat down and considered what he was being asked, he clearly understood. What shocked fans was Nigel signing a Best of 5 series. Being a former ROH World Champion, Nigel understands that one match may not prove anything, so he conferred with both and the Best of 5 Series was signed.

    Sydal set the tone with a big win this past Friday night in Deaborn, Michigan. ACH regained momentum with a fantastic victory in Chicago Ridge, Illinois this past Saturday night. They come into All Star Extravaganza VII tied 1-1. The winner here will not only be in the driver’s seat but also have the mental edge, knowing he is one more victory away from being able to say he was the better man. There two are known for being aerial artist with very few peers. They will be coming to San Antonio to not only thrill and excite, they are coming to win!


    One of the biggest rivalries in Ring of Honor is set to explode at ASE VII as Moose faces off with Cedric Alexander in a No DQ contest!

    The history between these two individuals is growing daily. A former NFL offensive lineman, Moose was unbeatable, going nearly one year without suffering a loss. Advisors Stokely Hathaway & Veda Scott would show the world the power of “The Streak”. Cedric Alexander has been hyped by many as the future of pro wrestling. He has all the physical tools to be the elite performer that is expected, but some said he lacked the mean streak needed to reach that level.

    Cedric would show this mean streak to the world in May at Global Wars in Toronto by beating the unbeatable! Cedric Alexander defeated Moose by pinning his shoulders to the mat after a vicious right hand. That right hand was holding a wrench!

    At Best in The World ’15 things would became clear. Cedric revealed that Veda Scott was no longer with Moose & Stokely, but rather she had joined forces with the newly hated Alexander. She believed Moose was getting soft and pandering to the fans. He put an exclamation point on his new attitude by knocking out Stokely Hathaway with a right hand loaded with his wrench! Moose and Alexander faced off again at Death Before Dishonor XIII. Moose was looking to avenge his first loss. Unfortunately that was not meant to be as he met the same fate as in Toronto: a right hand loaded with a wrench! Moose had not only lost, but now had lost twice to Alexander.

    At DBD XIII, Cedric crossed a line. Prince Nana, a mentor and the man who scouted Moose for Ring of Honor, was assaulted. Alexander would introduce Nana to the same right hand that he beat Moose with twice. A furious Nana had one last lesson to teach both Stokely and Moose. Nana preached that his final lesson was to show Moose how to not play by the rules. On a recent episode of Ring of Honor Television, Nana shook “Big Stoke’s” hand and congratulated him. Nana saw the final lesson he was attempting to teach Hathaway had been learned. Nana wanted him to understand that the best monster is a well-rounded monster. Nana now believes that Hathaway is the man to guide Moose to the promise land!

    That wrench is the catalyst for the match on at All Star Extravaganza being No Disqualification. That wrench in the right hand of Cedric, thrown with bad intention, is what has woken up the monster within Moose! Stokely Hathaway has the task of ensuring Moose stays on course. Moose is coming to San Antonio a monster ready to destroy Cedric. Cedric and Veda Scott will be scheming to make sure that victory is the only result! Can Cedric prove to once again be Moose’s kryptonite? Or is a No DQ environment exactly what Moose will need to finish off his rival? What roles will “Big Stoke” and Veda play? With no rules, anything is possible!


    Silas Young makes no apologies for the kind of man he is - a "real" man, according to him. And as a "real" man, he's taken offense to the pageantry and spectacle that is Dalton Castle! Castle, meanwhile, has gotten under Young's skin the way no one ever has before. His mind games and interference - with a handy assist from The Boys - have cost Silas Young matches and added to his bitterness.

    But now Silas has had enough. He wants to end this and he wants to prove what a REAL man is! The match has been set for ALL STAR EXTRAVAGANZA...with a few very unique caveats.

    If Silas Young beats Dalton Castle on September 18th, The Boys must go with him! Silas has pledged to teach them some lessons in what it means to be a man. But on the other hand, if Castle BEATS Young then Silas will join the crew as the newest, biggest Boy! It would be the ultimate humiliation for the "last real man" and we can guarantee Silas Young will pull out all the stops to keep this fate from befalling him. The Boys have put themselves in harm's way to protect Castle before. What lengths will the go to ensuring he comes out the winner in San Antonio?


    The Briscoes are back in the tag team division! After Jay Briscoe’s 2nd reign as ROH World Champion ended, most people questioned what he would do next! He sat down with his brother Mark and they talked about their history as record setting 8x ROH World Tag Team Champions. This soul searching has lead the Briscoes to declare they are back for one thing and one thing only: to become the 9-time ROH World Tag Team Champions.

    The Delaware natives are out to prove that they are still the baddest tag team on the planet. To back it up, they have decided to issue an open challenge to any and all tag teams. It doesn’t matter if it is Former ROH World Tag Team Champions, current Champions from anywhere in the world. England, Mexico, Japan, DemBoys don’t care who shows up in San Antonio.

    Do they still have it? They certainly believe they do and will bring everything they got at All Star Extravaganza VII. Who will answer the challenge? Tune in or be there to find out!

    To witness the build up to these amazing events, be sure to tune into Ring of Honor Television every weekend on your local Sinclair station and Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Destination America.

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    Friday, September 18th, 2015
    San Antonio Shrine Auditorium
    901 North Loop 1604 West
    San Antonio, TX 78232
    BELL TIME: 8:00 PM Central Time Zone


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