All things considered: What was the better year for WWE: 2011 or 2012

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Yea, I know there are ~2 1/2 months left of 2012. I don't care.

    Vote and give your reasoning

    I say 2011 by far.

    -Mark Henry HALL OF PAIN
    -Wade Barrett Barrage- not the greatest thing ever but the best booking Barrett's had since Nexus
    -Summer of Punk- started off pretty awesome
    -Kevin Nash- suck it haters
    -Daniel Bryan on Smackdown- was awesome before the 'Yes' thing really became overbearing
    -Rock's return was an awesome surprise at the time and a huge mark out moment
    -Mid card title reigns that were actually entertaining and felt relevant (Ziggler US Title/Rhodes IC Title)
    -Christian winning the ladder match against Del Rio was one of the best moments in recent wrestling memory for me (thanks Orton for ruining it 2 days later)
    -Randy Orton/Christian feud in general was awesome
  2. 2011 for the reasons you listed except Kevin "Quads" Nash ofc. Though Lesnar returning this year was my all time biggest mark out moment.
  3. 2011, due to the Mark Henry's title run. The best thing of the year.
  4. Didn't see anything of 2011:((

    But I can agree with it.

    Also, for 2012: Lesnar and Rock returning, Ziggler's push and winning MITB, Taker vs HHH at WM..
  5. I was starting to think huge storylines trended around summer because of nexus & punk. I was severly let down this year. :downer: 2011 was better

    I will say tht wm 28 pwned 27
  6. 2012. Had Rock for a couple months, Brock Return, and Kane returned with his mask
  7. Neither was all that special IMO.
  8. Jericho vs Punk, HHH vs Taker, Kane vs Orton, the tag team pre-show, & even Cena vs Rock had some spots.

    Comparing it to 27, it was a major improvement
  9. Not disagreeing. 27 was a disgrace to the name Wrestlemania. Probably the worst ME ever at 27 as well.
  10. If you hadn't watched and had a look at what happened in both years you'd almost certainly say 2012. Ziggler MitB, Bork return, the awesome ER card, WM28 being better than 27 and a long as Punk title reign. However, taking everything into account I think 2011 was a much better year for WWE. Yeah, it probably lacked the special moments that 2012 has had, but it was a more exciting product at the time. Smackdown was so much better it's not even real. I didn't watch during the whole Christian/Orton debacle but it sounded like there were some awesome matches between them anyway, and of course the fucking epic Henry heel run + D-Bry's rise to the ME. The thought of that gets me orgasmic and yet at the moment we are stuck with a ginger retard laughing off the threat of a fat fuck who WWE has decided to push to the moon for whatever reason. Urgh.

    Raw has been fucking horrible for the majority of this year. It's strange, because so much has happened and yet they are incapable of producing anything that resembles a decent show at the moment. We have a few extremely talented guys who entertain us for about a third of the show and the rest is complete and utter filler. Last year was the same but nowhere near as bad as it was only 2hrs, and there were some incredible storylines going on (Summer of Punk onwards) and all in all they were just much better shows.

    Yeah, I didn't see it all but 2011 for me by miles.
  11. 2011 by a mile. Why is this even a question?
    2012 has been pretty horrible.
  12. 2011: Rock returns to host WM 27, Punk wins the WWE Title twice. The rest was mediocre.

    2012: Punk has a great reign all year long, as well as great matches with several different Superstars. Rock vs. Cena, Cena vs. Lesnar. Tag team wrestling improves, if only for a temporary basis.

    Overall, 2012 was better for me.
  13. 2011 Reasons
    - The Rocks Return
    - CM Punk's Summer of Punk
    - Royal Rumble, even though it was alright. Had two great returns. (Not Great Khali)
    - Money in the Bank PPV
    - Christians First WHC
    - Edge's Retirement was sad.
    - Kevin Nash using the nWo theme
    - Hall of Pain
    - Heel Truth
    - Rhodes brings back Classic IC belt

    - 1000th RAW
    - Extreme Rules
    - Brock Lesnar Returns
    - Dolph Ziggler MITB
    - The Rock beat John Cena
    - Daniel Bryan getting over as fuck
  14. In 2011, I've always been able to look at at least one thing in the product that I really enjoyed, whether it's Miz's WWE Title reign, or Christian's road to glory, or heel R-Truth, or Punk's shoot before Triple H ruined everything, or Mark Henry's reign of terror, or Sheamus finally looking like a new face star for the WWE (looked like a good idea at the time) or relevant cruiserweights in Air Boom, or the Divas of Doom before K2 ruined that, or Koskey's Smackdown with the Barrett Barrage and the Rhodes IC Title reign proving that Vince going away can only be a good thing... 2011 really wasn't a bad year.

    This year, I can't point at many things I've liked at all... There's Anger Management, Heel Punk, the return of Heyman, the Jericho/Punk feud, Brock's return before he jobbed to Cena, Ryback's debut, Slater vs the Legends...

    There's no reason for something as miniscule as Slater vs the Legends to be that high.
  15. 2011.

    Summer of Punk.
    HHH vs Undertaker.
  16. 2011, Christian really got a world championship, even if Orton did take it away two days later, it was an epic moment at the time, and it felt right just for that one night. Summer of CM Punk was amazing, especially when he pulled that shoot, that was a badass moment, and was even better when he ran off with the championship then returned with Cult of Personality. Mark Henry's championship reign was something I enjoyed and thought he deserved after 15 years with the WWE. Daniel Bryan becoming world champion was a huge plus, and it was something he completely deserved, no doubt. Cody Rhodes Intercontinental championship reign was also enjoyable and actually made the midcard division look good in something that hasn't happened in years.

    2012 Had the 1000th Raw which was good. We currently have Dolph with the MITB briefcase, so it's most likely we'll see him as a world champion soon. The tag team division is starting to come back, and we have good champions so far. CM Punk's heel turn has looked interesting, and we also had the return of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, which Heyman is still around. No John Cena championship reign at all, and he failed to cash in the money in the bank.

    2011 wins :pity:
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