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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Bort, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. It premiered last night on HBO. On the 15th anniversary of The Sopranos. Watch this show, everyone.
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  2. Okay, anyone watching this? Because, it's rather brilliant.
  3. Bumping this for you motherfuckers. It's not too late yet. This show is something else.
  4. I think there is 2 episodes left of this show? Yeah, I'll catch up and just post my thoughts. Heard it's a great show.
  5. It's kinda dark. Only watched 3 episodes but it does look really good so far. I'll end up watching the rest some time today or tomorrow. Might download it now.
  6. Thanks for letting me know about this in a random thread weeks back, JoeRulz. This show is damn awesome, and I have really enjoyed it all around. Great show, I'm really interested if this is going to go into multiple seasons and how that will go about happening.
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  7. I don't know if you already know or not, but it's gonna pull an American Horror Story type deal with a new cast each season (Lots of stars want to be apart of it since The Oscar Winner is on it)
  8. Yeah, think Matthew said that on Kimmel?
  9. I don't know who said it, I just remember them saying it when the show was about to premiere and everyone was wondering if Matthew was coming back and he said no.
  10. that is fucking great news. MM and WH will still be producing it, i'm really looking forward to it now. American Horror story really dropped the ball this last season, I doubt the same will happen to True Detective. :obama:
  11. I want you to imagine the pairs of actors that could be on.....
  12. Nope, ill just keep it realistic. I think it will be great also with the fact Woody and MM will still probably be involved in some fashion, just minor parts, bad guys, etc. That shit is enough to keep my interest at the moment.
  13. The format for TD is anthology, which means different actors, stories and settings for every season, doh. But Pizzolatto is still writing and producing it. However, Fukunaga's not directing the next season, which is a big loss, because cinematography in this show looked incredible, on par with the greatest Hollywood productions ever. Such a magnificent filming, it made the enviroment the main character in the show. Very eerie, unsettling and... freakin' amazing.

    So... Everyone should watch this show, S1 ended two days ago, I'm comfortably putting it amongst the greatest seasons of any series ever. Yep, the show is THAT good.
  14. I'm gonna download all eight episodes and watch 'em sometime this week. I've been hearing nothing but good things about this show all across the board.
  15. bump

    I finished the first season and damn, Matthew surprised me in his role. I've never really taken him as a serious actor, but he played his character to a T.

    I read earlier that Brad Pitt is going to be one of the main characters next season.

    So, season 2 should start January '15?
  16. The first season was great and enjoyable. Both Matthew and Woody kicked major ass!

    I'm 3 episodes into the second season and it's been a good show thus far.
    Rachel McAdams<3
  17. I'm enjoying S2, Farrell is growing on me, I like the lynchian aspect and the way they depict the underbelly of LA.
  18. I agree with Farrell, I'd even say that he's been the most interesting character so far. Although, Vince has been executing his role better than I expected.
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  19. I've always liked Vaughn, whether it's dramas or silly comedies.
  20. Soooo, ep #4 was some good stuff.

    It's hard to believe the season finale will be approaching soon. Things are about to get even more interesting now.
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