All Time best Marketable looks

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Sometimes I feel a little gay talking about wrestlers and 'the look' so let me preface this with a giant, catch all 'no homo' so now nobody else ITT will need to clarify. Feel free to post 'yes homo' if that's how you roll.

    I'll post my list shortly
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  2. Not in order yet:

    -Andre (massive at the time, was unheard of to be that big)
    -Jeff Hardy (dunno why :S)
    -Mr Perfect

    Man there's quite a few more.
  3. Goldberg would be one I'd ask to Crayo's list.
  4. Definitely. I forgot Orton, HHH and Taker.
  5. Goldberg
    Early Sting (blonde hair)
    Hawk and Animal
    Scotty Steiner post roids

    Not in order just names
  6. I'd also add Punk!
  7. [​IMG]
    22 inch pythons brother

    Take away his physique and he never sniffs a job with any wrestling company

    Say what you want about what he became, but the Giant in WCW when he first broke onto the scene was the greatest big man wrestler of all time this side of 'Taker IMO. He was actually in damn good shape at the time, and was just an all around beast

    Fucking Beast

    Brock "Who needs a fucking neck" Lesnar
  8. "who needs a fucking neck" :laugh:!

    Warrior is a great one to add, as was Sting, but this is WWE so I didn't include him.

    I wouldn't add Punk, not for his look anyway, but he's definitely marketable.
  9. Sting would technically be eligible since WWE owns WCW & it's history
  10. Punks look is marketable atm though thats whats different about now to then as it aint muscles it's more real, Punk could be ur average guy with a crap life who has risen to the top like Rocky etc.
  11. If you bring out the technical card at 4am I'll bring out a pipebomb.
  12. A couple more:


  13. What is a 'look'?
  14. It's not a look it's THE look. You've never heard the term in wrestling?
  15. lol please tell me if someone knows
  16. The image of a wrestler. John Cena has a good look as he's clean shaven, sort of tall, built like a tank, friendly face etc. Couldn't sound more homo if I tried. But it's good for business.
  17. See this is why I would have Punk now as THE LOOK is based on past premises of toned athletic bods. Whereas currently I'd say Punk and Bryan are the look as they're more ur average guy sorta thing ppl can relate?
  18. Good point. Though generally if you're marketing out a company like WWE, you don't want to market "Average guys here", it's meant to be about "larger than life characters" etc.
  19. Larger than life characters is a good way to put it. I can't really define it but it's just THE LOOK man. THE LOOK

    I see what you are saying about Punk and Bryan, but they don't have THE LOOK. Cena and Orton have THE LOOK
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