All time greatest heel?

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  1. Who would you say is the all time greatest heel in WWE/WWF history?
  2. Rowdy roddy piper!



    End of story

  3. Jake Roberts, HHH in 2000s and Mr. McMahon.
  4. Wish I saw more of Jake Roberts to be honest.

    Piper, HHH and McMahon would certainly be in the top 10.
  5. Didn't we had this thread already?

    But hey..

    WOOOOO! The dirtiest player in the game, Nature Booooy Ric Flair WOOO!!
  6. For me personally I think HHH was a massive heel.
  7. WCW/NWA Flair >> WWE Flair, unless you count that time too.
  8. I never stated a time/era in my post, dude...
  9. :taker: I know, but still....:rock:
  10. When I was still a mark, I think Triple H genuinely made me the most angry when he was in evolution. When he beat Batista at the Elimination Chamber, that was the last straw for me. I thought I would never like him again.

    I'd say Triple H overall, BUT it wasn't him that made it possible. It was the combination of all the snide members of evolution that sold the image.
  11. Hollywood Hogan
    Rick Rude
    Superstar Billy Graham

    Best heel today: Bully Ray
  12. Wasn't needed. Best heel of all time. :baws:
  13. Vince McMahon, without him the AE isn't as half as successful as it was imo.
  14. He never gets credited for it, that bugs me. So nice post.
  15. Mr. Mcmahon has the BEST rivalries.

    Mcmahon vs DX
    Mcmahon vs austin
    Mcmahon vs undertaker
    Mcmahon vs HBK
    Mcmahon/john cena vs cm punk
  16. huh? Vince is always praised as one of the GOAT heels. You trippin
  17. For the AE success, not heels.

  18. Unless you are referring to your own viewpoint Mr. Stone Cold knob gobbler, my points still remains. Vince gets plenty of credit for the success of the AE
  19. I don't see it enough. Stone Cold gets all the credit, and he obviously deserves most, but it's normally Austin or Vince Russo who get more than Vince.
  20. How dare you to forget the hashtag? What kind of a man are you?:bury:

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