All US States in Order of Penis Size

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dat Kid, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. 1. North Dakota
    2. Rhode Island
    3. South Dakota
    4. District of Columbia
    5. Massachusetts
    6. Ohio
    7. Arizona
    8. Alabama
    9. New York
    10. South Carolina
    11. Colorado
    12. Maryland
    13. Wisconsin
    14. New Jersey
    15. California
    16. Florida
    17. Connecticut
    18. Virginia
    19. Oregon
    20. Pennsylvania
    21. Washington
    22. Tennessee
    23. New Mexico
    25. Iowa
    26. Illinois
    27. Louisiana
    28. Vermont
    29. Utah
    30. Maine
    31. Nebraska
    32. Idaho
    33. Kansas
    34. Delaware
    35. Michigan
    36. Nevada
    37. New Hampshire
    38. Oklahoma
    39. Montana
    40. Minnesota
    41. Kentucky
    42. Texas
    43. Indiana
    44. West Virginia
    45. Missouri
    46. Alaska
    47. North Carolina
    48. Wyoming
    49, Arkansas
    50. Hawaii
    51. Mississippi

    Apparently Washington D.C is it's own state.
    Did I ever mention how close to I am to NYC? :urm:
  2. Fuck yeah number 7, bitch :jesse:
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  3. I don't even see Georgia on the list!:sad:
  4. I find it more disturbing that they had enough people offering to let them measure their penis in order to compile this list in the first place...gotta love America.
  5. U.S's average is 5.1 :pity1:
  6. They just measured @Dat Kid From Jersey 's penis, it crossed over into every single state.
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  7. and all Canadians have shriveled up icicle penises
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  8. 16? Damn. Not that bad I suppose. Looks like I need to move myself to North Dakota where I belong bro.. :jericho:
  9. Number nine? Good enough. :obama:
  10. They removed it for a reason. :pity1:
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  11. Only for 8 months out of the year :annoyed:
  12. this seems legit
  13. Well, clearly everyone wasn't judged... so how did they do this? Maybe it's done like the Nielsen ratings, they take one penis and judge 1,000 on that one.

    Maybe @Testify is representing me, explains why Tennessee isn't in the top 10
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  14. Hey 22nd out of 50 is excellent bro!

    Side note: the Florida being only #16 is farce brother, Hogan is living down there now.

  15. Im from North Dakota guiz
  16. Obviously didn't measure Farooq and I, otherwise Cali would be top 3 at the least. Then again, if they measured D'Z, it'd go back down :okay:
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  17. Top 3? They'd have to make us first with no state being second.
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  18. Don't listen to the slanderous lies the mods have been spreading about my randy johnson
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