All World Promotions?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. So I was looking on Twitter, and saw a few tweets from WWE fans talking about AW, and All World Promotions and they were suggesting who should join his "Stable"

    So I thought I would create this thread to see who you would have in All World Promotions.

    Me personally, I wouldn't mind Mark Henry joining once he returns, as a "Henchman" type role, just destroying opponents.

    So that would be :

    AW (Promoter)
    Prime-Time Playas (Tag-Team)
    Mark Henry (Henchman)

    Who would you include?
  2. I'd give Mark Henry a main event push, not put him in a stable as muscle.

    Not sure who could join, no one comes to mind. But there are always midcarders sitting around doing nothing who could help.
  3. Yeah, If not Mark Henry, how about Mason Ryan? he's doing nothing.
  4. Could work, I guess. Ryan sucks balls, so him not talking and not being in many singles matches is the best way to use him.
  5. Ezekiel Jackson
  6. Oh yeah, great call. I knew there was another big guy who can't wrestle very well doing nothing.
  7. I feel sorry for Big Zeke, he seems to have fell of the face of the earth.
  8. Seems like he was going to get a big push, but was all cocky backstage because of it and was put in the doghouse.
  9. I would just get rid of it.
  10. Is this true? haha.
  11. I read some reports some time ago about it. Would explain his sudden push and sudden... de-push.
  12. Haha, What a idiot.
  13. This, I'm not a fan of him at all and the sooner we saw the back of him the better.
  14. I think Mark henry would suit it, How about drew mcintyre?
  15. Mark Henry needs a solo main event push again, he's proven that he is above being a henchman.
  16. True, I for one don't think Mark should contemplate this at all, I'd see this as a step backwards and not forwards imo.
  17. AW is awesome. he said he'd bring Attitude Era back. :yay:
  18. Attire Era? What's that, the Era when tag teams wore similar attires? :hmm:
  19. Ryan was in his segments with Primo and Epico, so I'd like to see him with Ryan tbh.

    Love AW, though. That commentary.. :yay:
  20. The commentary during matches really annoy the fuck out of me. I just want someone to shut him up.
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