Alligator Takes 2 Year Old Boy

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jacob Fox, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. Alligator drags away toddler into water at Disney hotel, police say -

    Wow, this is beyond dreadful. Apparently at a Disney resort, a 2 year old kid was playing in the water and was dragged away by an alligator.

    They're searching for him and I sincerely hope they find him. I'm not sure how much hope there is though since it was an alligator.

  2. Truly awful news. The kid's body will likely not even be recovered.
  3. Unfortunately, you are probably correct. I'll never be able to really know how these people feel but I am extremely upset that they have to go through with this.
  4. Yeah, the parents must be going nuts.
  5. Oh god. I hope to god he's found.
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  6. It would probably take an amazing miracle but I'm keeping up hope for the miracle to happen. No one deserves to die at 2 years old and lose out on experiencing all the things the world has to offer :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. I swear there's been a few gator attacks recently. That sucks.
  8. I swear there's been a few gator attacks recently. That sucks.
  9. The issue was the parents playing with their child in the water at 9 at night. I don't expect people to be as weird as I was as a child and watch Animal Planet 24/7 but it is common knowledge that they hunt by vibrations and are keen opportunistic hunters. If it is a easy kill, they will go for it. I don't know why people are not taught these things when they live near wildlife that can hurt them or when they to vacationing in areas where wildlife can attack. They need to set up something to prevent this from happening because my guess is, the parents didn't know and so it isn't their fault.
  10. His body has been found. Lane Graves was found not too far from the initial attack location. His body had a few puncture wounds but wasn't dismembered by the alligator.
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  11. Well at least they will be able to have a proper goodbye, so to speak. Not having certain closure would have destroyed them :sad:
  12. Yeah, I figured there was very little hope here that he would be alive but I still tried to hope a little. Poor kid.

  13. They should of called ZZ
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