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    Since I haven't been active much since I signed up I thought I'd reintroduce myself to give you sexy motherfuckers some insight on me:

    Name: Shadoxicity or Shadow
    Age: 19
    Favorite Wrestler of All Time: It's a tie between Jake The Snake,Mr.Perfect,and, JBL
    Favorite Current Wrestler: Dean Ambrose but, Yoshi Tatsu is a close second
    Favorite Diva: Audrey Marie
    Favorite Indy Wrestler: The sexy,sexy Chuckie T

    Besides wrestling,here are my favorite teams:
    Basketball: LA Clippers
    Baseball: ATL Braves
    NFL: ATL Falcons
    College football: GA Southern Eagles
    Hockey: Buffalo Sabres

    I'd also like to give you the chance to ask me any questions, so if you have any feel free to ask them.

  2. So your a Falcons, and Braves fan, what's the story with the LA Clippers love?
  3. I don't quite know actually, I've just really liked them the past couple of seasons.
  4. Well their a young team, on the upswing I expect them to have a Finals appearances very soon.
  5. Welcome to the site 3MB member :hmm:
  6. Lol,it's Shadow308, I haven't been on here in a while. :sad:
  7. My name is HOV, H to the O-V.
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