Allow The Dark Horse to Reintroduce himself.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Rise, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Name: Stylin or Reborn (Real name:Andrew)
    Age: 13
    Favorite Wrestler(s): Cody Rhodes and Edge
    I know that this thread was short, but if you would like to ask some questions, (Favorite music, sports, ETC.) Go right ahead.
  2. Favorite band?
    Favorite guitarist?
    Who is God?
  3. I have multiple favorite bands: Three Days Grace, Skillet, Green Day, ETC.
    Favorite Guitarist: Can't decide.
  4. Stylin, My Main Man, how it's going, My Brotha?
  5. Any favorites matches of Edge?
  6. Wrestlemania 26 against Y2J was pretty sick.
  7. Who is God? That's easy,a figment of our own imagination.
  8. You should be slaughtered for having the same name as me..just kidding brah,welcome back.
  9. Welcome, Stylin!
  10. I think Edge's match with Taker WM 24 was better though.
  11. Favorite Benoit match?
    Favorite moment with CiV?
    Favorite moment on MP?
  12. Same. People seem to hate Wrestlemania 24 here. I thought it was the last good Wrestlemania.
  13. Me too.
  14. Yes, It had a pretty nice card for a Wrestlemania.
  15. I think people overrate the Mania's after that. Sure they had HBK and Taker, but lets be honest. One match does not change the whole event.
  16. Hey man, welcome to WWEF.
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