Almost got on Dutch radio

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. So, there is a weekly thing on the Dutch Radio 538. (They are no. 1 in Holland)
    You'll hear a new song on the radio and you can send a message whether you like it, or dislike it. So I voted a like before I went back to work. In all of a sudden, I got a call, from the radio station! So we talked about the song and if I liked it, and I did. (New Minaj song). So I would be on the radio in ten minutes. So I was waiting for it to come, and in all of a sudden: Beep.. Connection: GONE! So I was like :shock: :downer: :okay:

    But they called me back! So I was waiting with my phone because I was on hold again, and then I had to help some customers. 1 minute was enough to help them, so I walked to the back to check my phone. Connection: GONE! :annoyed:

    So I was all sad because I thought it was over, so I helped some customers. Every time a customer came in, my phone rang! :dafuq:

    So, I called them a few times, send some messages to the DJ's Twitter, and he responded. So I asked him: When are you guys calling me?

    Bzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzz Incoming Call: Radio 538! :yay:

    Not in the show but they got me some prices! :jeritroll:

    - A 539 CD
    - A 538 condom
    - A 538 sticker
    - A 538 pen

    And on top of the bill: A free card for Sneakers to pick up some fresh, free shoes!

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