Alright, WTF Is Going On?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jacobahalls, May 15, 2013.

  1. Ok, I watched this Monday's Raw for the first time in almost six years. I stopped when Triple H tore his quad AGAIN ( which is my favorite wrestler). I started to watch it for the fun of it and all of a sudden I see Brock and Triple H hate each other. Brock is my second favorite wrestler and I flip out to see him, since he left to UFC. I flip out even more when they said they had a feud since last year. So can somebody please tell me how did this monstrosity occur?

    I did tune in to WWE about 3 years ago and didn't see any of my old wrestlers and to see Triple H in management. I also saw different announcers and people flip sides. So I lost interest. But now it seems that they are heading back to the era I watched (1997 - 2005). I loved this time of the WWE, it had all of the great wrestlers and all it seems now is a popularity contest. I also loved when Triple H was the Cerebral Assassin. Not so much anymore, way softer then he used to be and more popular with the fans. Oh I love nostalgia and wish they brought it back to these times.

    P.S. What the [email protected]$# happened to Triple H's golden locks!?
  2. I'll try to lay the Triple H/Brock feud out as simple as possible.

    Brock returned the night after Wrestlemania 28 on a part time schedule (he only shows up a few times a year). He ended up bullying the at the time GM to get some ridiculous demands (Monday night RAW starring Brock Lesnar) which led to Triple H, the chief operating officer of the WWE on screen (and some other big role back stage) to confront him. Brock then in storyline broke Triple H's arm. Brock then entered a storyline with Triple H leading up to Summerslam which involved him breaking Shawn Michaels arm and Brock and Heyman mocking the McMahons. At Summerslam Brock defeated HHH, removing him from TV for months. They had a rematch at Wrestlemania with Triple H coming out the victor and will now have a rubber match at Extreme Rules. This match was a plan B since the original plan was John Cena vs The Rock 3 but Rock walked out on WWE after suffering a abdominal injury and reportedly not being happy with having to put John Cena over.