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  1. It's 2 weeks old I know.. kind of surprised this is the first thread about it.

    So, this is the new challenge going around.. and finally one that is worthwhile.

    Post your favorite videos of celebrities/regular people doing this challenge.

  2. Bill gates and JT did the best, HHH sold it well but Rock's was pathetic. Rousey is sexy, Punklolpunk, and ?Uest Love is the shit. Zuckerberg is a bitch.

    Fuck Chris Christie though.

    Hell we should do this here on WWEF for those of us not scurred to do it. I have $100, @Danielson @Senhor Perfect @Dolph'sZiggler @Crayo @Solidus @GrammarNazi82 @Snowman @Testify @Testify @TGMIgvield I know doesnt have cash @Cloud @seabs @Stopspot I bet we can get at least a few of us here. I'd be glad to start if I knew I wasn't wasting my time, and i'll glad do a gatoraid container. $50?
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  3. I'd do it if I had a camera and knew how to upload videos on the 'net.
  4. well I know you love the AE but 2014 is here and waiting for you. Smart phones are pretty easy to use.
  5. Fine.

    But you first.
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  6. I'll do it if ya want me to
  7. Fucking Bill Gates needs a big ass pulley to do his work for him. CM Punk should make AJ do it :ksi:
  8. cm punk did his like a chump!
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  9. No sold like every PPV he main evented.
  10. Vince sold it like a boss
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  11. Triple H did it better.

    I still want to see Hogan take the challenge.
  12. I really wanted to hear some manly screams. Oh well.
  13. Alright see how many we can get and tomorrow, I'm up first.
  14. Rocking WWEF 2 GSOAT. Based Danny and 36" plasma. Solid.
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  15. :wwwyki:
  16. :gtfo:

    is WWWYKI. Goddammit.
  17. :wwwyki: :pity:
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  18. :woo:
  19. :ryder:
  20. I can't remember the code.
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