Alternate Crayo and Seabs. (JeebaK's doing)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. When I search my name in ACP:


    When I search Seabs' name in ACP:


  2. Damn you suck British and Indian dicks? You pervy bugger! Sorry to hear about your mum though
  3. This people is how you hack a forum, from a very special Indian boys perspective.

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  4. I love the emails he used.

    Was you here Dolph's when someone posted a thread on hackforums where he's asking someone to hack this site for $100 lmao!

    Anon was loling and just made this to annoy Jeebak -
  5. I don't remember that tbh.. I sort of ignored his ongoing feud with the board for the most part and I regret it now.. that shit was hilarious


    [email protected] :dawg: lmao
  6. Damn I can't remember when it went down, man you vs JeebaK would have been a priceless fucking feud. Anonymous just owned him daily, Seabs just corrected all JeebaK's "facts", I just refused to ban him and trolled instead. He said how much he hated the site and us corrupt Staff, but when I woke up he'd have made around 6 threads and posted over 100 times. He went to the other forum and got shot down immediately lmfao

    Great feud. I miss him.
  7. Crayo, can you bring HeeBka back?


  8. Who da fook is Hebka?
  9. Hebka sounds like something from the lion king.

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  10. you banned him?
  11. Yeah, he told @[Crayo] Triple H is a skilled soccer player.
  12. i see we're banning people for speaking the truth
  13. Indeed they are Staff fucksuck on this place.
  14. :bury: those fatasses.
  15. Jeebak doesnt get banned, he merely leaves when he wants to and comes back when he wishes.

    They banned me like 50 times, all it took for me was to use just another web proxy *facepalm*
  16. Using a proxy won't bypass your account ban you spaz. Of course if you use one you can always register again, but as you can see in the OP that wasn't really successful lmao.
  17. Stupid sexy JeebaK.
  18. Look at my favorite users
  19. .orgy :laugh:
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