Alternate WWE title designs

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 12, 2013.

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    #9 would've been amazing :yay:
  2. RE: Alternate WWE title designsq

    Wow that eagle one looked so nice.
  3. I know, mixing the new and old generations. SO much nicer than any title out there ATM.
  4. I love that eagle, would love to see that someday
  5. They all look hideous IMO, the red one is fowl.
  6. [​IMG]

    You dislike this?
  7. :YES: The eagle is too brash, it doesn't look like a championship IMO. I actually prefer the one we got to that eagle design.
  8. :NOTAMUSED: I can't comprehend how you'd want the current one over that eagle design.
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  9. I can :seabs:

    DAMN I DONT HAVE A SMILEY YET :SILVA: << That's me honest.
  10. seabs silva eh? :obama:
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  11. Back on topic, the red one looks like it was tailor made for Hogan, brother :hogan:
  12. Holy shit. These are fucking horrendous!

    What the fuck?
    Hot Wheels?

    The eagle one is the better one of the bunch, but it's still pretty ridiculous looking.
  13. The best one out of them all is the Eagle. They all look to trendy, and childish. Not championship material. I do prefer the one we have currently though over the Eagle belt though. It would be nice to add a globe background on the main plate of the current one still.
  14. Eagle one is decent, the rest is pretty bad.
  15. Alternate WWE Title Belt Concepts! Photos

    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] , [​IMG] has published an image gallery looking at alternate designs for the new WWE Championship Belt.

    “WWE went through countless proposed designs before settling on the new WWE Championship. Take a close look at some of the unique titles that almost made it around John Cena’s waist.”


    ALL I HAVE TO SAID IS :lol1: WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE A BIG W LOGO!? Why not have a gobe like the old WWE Title!? As for the dumb design, the only one I like is the last one aless this one has eagles like the Wing Eagles and The Attitude Era Titles. It would hvae look better! But this BS that title have now SUCKS! And design fuckin nameplate enough logo plate BS NOT EVER FUCKIN WRESTLER HAS LOGO!​
  16. RE: Alternate WWE Title Belt Concepts! Photos

    #4 would have been better than what we got.
  17. RE: Alternate WWE Title Belt Concepts! Photos

    Already posted.
  18. Alternate WWE Title Belt Concepts! Photos

    That ^^
  19. All of them are better than the current one. lol
  20. I actually really like the traditional look of the new one.

    The eagle one though is very cool.

    I like them both.
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