Kayfabe Alvarado: The Studio Album

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The Artiste
*The screen fades in as we see Luis at a microphone in a recording studio*
Studio Head: In 5 . . .4. . . 3. . . 2. . . .1. . . . Go.
*Music begins playing, heavy bass begins to thump.*
Luis Alvarado: Me llamo Luis Uh
I see you starin' at my crease uh
You want that fine release uh
And you need that -
*Luis stops as he notices the camera*
Luis Alvarado: Oh, sorry I didn't see you there. I was busy with my new album "Alvarado" It is a mix genre of spiritual R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Ska, Metal, Country, and show tunes.
Luis Alvarado: But something tells me you don't want to hear me explain my album, you want to hear it!
*Luis puts the CD in and turns up the volume*
Luis Alvarado: Ooooooooh this is the Country one, listen to that twang.
*Luis begins humming along to the song*
Luis Alvarado: See, the reason for no lyrics is that my album is still in pre-pro so it won't come out until later this year. Now to stifle your excitement for my album let's change the subject to my opponent this week. Jack Black.
*Luis sits down in the studio head's chair*
Luis Alvarado: Now this hurts me because I like Jack Black's movies and especially his music. But on Exodus Jack Black you're Nacho libre will go against my Mucha Lucha and you will need more then a Tenacious D to-
*The cameraman begins whispering to Luis*
Luis Alvarado: Wait, what? So if what you're telling me is true that I'm not facing movie actor Jack Black and that I'm facing a deck of cards
*The cameraman puts his face in his palm as Luis looks back at the camera*
Luis Alvarado: Well, I guess I'll be the dealer but remember the house always wins. To quote one of the legends "You wanna play 21 well I got 22" and when you think you- what now?
*The camera man whispers to him that BlackJack is a person*
Luis Alvarado: He's a real guy? Does he do casino stuff? No well, there goes all my material.
*Luis crumbles a piece of paper and throws it behind him*
Luis Alvarado: BlackJack you will uh- Hey camera guy, do you have any info on this BlackJack chico?
*The cameraman shrugs*
Cameraman: He said he was some kind of savior or something.
Luis Alvarado: Ay dios mio, not another one. Anyway guy who can't come up with something new, I'm going to beat some originality into that brain of yours and move on in the tournament while you wallow in Special ED trying to be original. Now play my damn music
*The screen begins to fade as we hear some music from Luis's album*

Girl, you broke my heart
We had a start
but it fell apart
Luis Alvarado: I am a musical GENIUS!
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