Am I being a blind optimist or is everyone else excited about TNA's future?

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  1. This company has had so many false dawns (Angle's debut, Hogan's debut, Monday Night slaughter and some other shit I'm forgetting all spring to mind) but I can't help but be optimistic, the fresher talent is taking over (Bully dropping weight means he can go for another 5/6 years IMO) while the older guys are still floating around they're playing meaningful roles.

    The main event scene seems to be locked for AJ and Ray whilst you have Roode, Angle, Aries, Daniels and Kaz ready to step up plus Sting if required.

    The tag team division whilst not as deep as it once was still has a great pair of champions in Roode and Aries and Bad Influence, the booking of Chavo and Hernandez is backwards but even they aren't too bad.

    The KOs are unbearable at the minute for me but they've got the strap on their most over Knockout and have some above average workers such as Tara and Gail.

    Finally the company is in it's best run ever IMO it's roster is dope, all titles are in good hands, they seem to be building a huge story and most importantly they feel big league now, they're not an over jumped ROH like they felt like in the Impact Zone, they're not WWE level but they feel like the international company they are now.

    So anyone else share my optimism about TNA's future?
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  2. I do my dear friend.

    TNA! TNA! TNA!
  3. Couldn't agree more! TNA has their chips on Roode, AA, Hardy, and A&E's right now. Turning Bully to revitalize that angle was a great move as Bully is one of the best talkers in the business. It's only a matter of time before AA turns as well. There's good young talent (King/Ion/Gut check guys), vets (BI/EY/Sting/Angle/Park/Morgan), and some decent females as well. They're in a position with almost limitless potential given the talent they've accumulated. As long as they can come up with new and interesting angles, they will be the second most successful wrestling company in the world within 5 years.
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  4. I was excited about it's future when it started, now I'm obsessed with the company. If the future is as great as it has been this 10 years I'll be freaking happy.

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  5. I'm optimistic about its future. I want TNA to do well. Wrestling is at its best when there are multiple alternatives going.

    Some might think I am a hater but I'm not. I'm a realist willing to discuss subjects like if the road shows don't work and such.

    But yes. I want TNA to do well and they seem to be doing. They are gaining momentum. They probably never will be on WWE's level and I don't know if they can dethrone NJPW as the second biggest promotion in the world but they can easily solidify themselves as the second biggest in America now instead of ROH with a bigger budget.
  6. I also see good things for TNA's future.
  7. Granted it's easy to be optimistic right now after they've retroactively made all their shit storylines awesome, but there's really no reason not to be on the TNA Bandwagon. And to think I was ready to give up on them just a week ago, too.
  8. They are on their way to the top. Sometimes I feel like they have too many amazing wrestlers. There are 9 or 10 which all deserve to be main eventers and champions, TNA just need to use them right until they get their shot. Apart from Joe, this has been done quite well so far.
  9. I appreciate TNA about working a lot and trying everything to be better than before. They did good job this year. I am so optimistic for TNA's future as well. There are still some mistakes and bad ideas but it will get better as the time goes.
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